View Full Version : Waiting For Publishing ... Oh That F*ing Pisses Me Off!

15th August 2001, 00:23
One thing that pisses me off about Winamp's site is that it takes like forever for the reviewers to review the skins and plugins! For my first AVS collection (see link in my sig), it took an entire month for it to go through (from the time I uploaded it to when it appeared on Winamp's web site)! I think Winamp doesn't have enough reviewers or that their reviewers aren't reviewing fast enough! Oh that really f*ing pisses me off! :mad:

15th August 2001, 01:36
the wait dosnt really bother me because i know there are lots of people hard at work reviewing as many skins as they can and i think theyre doing a good job considering there are thousands of skins submitted a day..

15th August 2001, 01:39
Someone hasn't been keeping track of the new Skin Squad assigned to review skins.:rolleyes:

If you skin/submit skins, it's a great idea to at least read some of Skin Love.:)

Mr. Bojanglez
15th August 2001, 02:28
I hate waiting knowing that there are crap ass skinner.exe skins ahead of me, making the wait longer,

someone needs to have the skin squad document the number they do, there could be some slackas

15th August 2001, 03:19
Skins a pain in the ass? DAMMIT! I'm working on my skin project, NatureAmp, right now! FUCK IT! I wonder if the wait for my plugin to be published will be over a month?

15th August 2001, 05:02
c'mon ppl, this is regoddamndiculous.

theres no use complaining when you KNOW that the skin squad is hard at work!

you should be praising them insead of pissing on all the work theyve done!

euh, its no use telling you this, is it? you just gonna keep whining and complaining, bitching and moaning, until your skins and plugins are published with a five star rating, thinking that the raters are slacking off. well theyre giving their all doing this when they dont even have to.

ungratful clods, you disgust me.

Bilbo Baggins
15th August 2001, 11:06
Why don't you grab some space from Tripod or somewhere, and get your skin on there, ready to download, and have the link in your sig for now, until it does get published, when you can then point the URL in your signature to the Skins section of Winamp.com?

15th August 2001, 11:22
Originally posted by InvisableMan
ungratful clods, you disgust me.

For once, I'm inclined to agree with invisable.

You freaks bitched when dirtclods like CO were reviewing, then you bitched when public ratings were the thing. Now you bitch and moan at the skin squad?
If you don't like people going out of their way to make things better, go find another place to submit your skins and go get laid!:rolleyes:

15th August 2001, 16:20
I have to agree with all of ya! I'm not bitching about the reviewers who are reviewing the skins, I'm bitching at the fact that there aren't enough reviewers! That's why I started this thread! And I really wanted to thank the reviewers when they reviewed my AVS collection since they gave me a very fair rating!

Bilbo Baggins
15th August 2001, 20:54
You should make Amplidex buy everyone a round for being a whining little so and so.. ;)

15th August 2001, 22:52
hell, ill buy 'em a round for the work they're doing:D

16th August 2001, 00:01
Well, watadoo, thanks for clearing that up! Cheers to the reviewers! :)

16th August 2001, 00:52
I'd be more than happy to send a six pack of Colorado's finest out to each and every reviewer while I'm pushing them Watadoo's way:)

9th May 2002, 07:21
This is my first skin, so imagine how freaked out I was when day after day I saw both versions of my skin sitting in the "unpublished" section. I was really thinking that I had done something wrong.

In the meantime, let me know what you think -- if it could look more professional or if there's anything you particularly like :)

I'm very proud of the action on my equalizer bars and volume slider:

www.liquidmethods.com/skins ("Slate" is better I think, but I've found some people like "Iron" more)

22nd May 2002, 06:41
the effeciency of the skin crew could be maximized by the rejection of all program skins of being uploaded. That would cut down the hassel of having your skin/avs being published as well as giving winamp a great look instead of the trailer park look it has now. True skinners are looking for other places to upload their work. While all the freaks and losers too young to know what pubic hair looks like upload their mass produced pieces of crap. I'm pissed off!

22nd May 2002, 06:55
Originally posted by cptlee
While all the freaks and losers too young to know what pubic hair looks like upload their mass produced pieces of crap.

Ahem...Mind rephrasing that?? :mad:

22nd May 2002, 16:32
Nope. not really. It's the truth. Oh wait, I might have offened someone... then again, I have been offened by the sheer crap that is uploaded.

22nd May 2002, 16:36
If you dont like it, then dont download it. But dont flame people for using them, not everyone wants to spend many hours making a skin manually.

Winamp.com is not for the elite only. If thats what youre looking for then go to deviantart or 1001winampskins where you wont see any generated skins.

22nd May 2002, 16:45
Well thankyou. I will now submit all my work to these sites. Maybe when winamp.com comes to its senses and gets rid of all the sheer crap, then I will return. Sorry to say it, winamp.com is going down the shitter.