View Full Version : No new Winamp release for 2 months?

17th August 2001, 14:38
I don't believe it! There hasn't been another Wianmp release since June! Blast it! Like does Nullsoft know when the next Winamp release will be ready and what version it would be?

17th August 2001, 14:55
Why release a new version if there are no bugs?
Winamp3 is the next new promise in my eye.

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17th August 2001, 15:07
As far as I know there is now only one mamber of the Nullsoft team working on Winamp 2.x - the rest of the team are devoting their energies towards WA3...

17th August 2001, 17:30
For me Winamp 2 is fine. (Well minor bugs to be sorted. Don't affect me)

I shall sound like a junior now by saying where is Winamp 3?
The last alpha was out on 28/6/01. At the current release rate, WA3 won't be out until 2002/2003.

17th August 2001, 19:59

just think about it...the longer it takes..the cooler it will be.

oh, we are talking about nullsoft right?:D

17th August 2001, 20:56
Yeah, but come on.... no new update for 2 months!!!!... I've actually been checking the Winamp site every day for the last month and a half hoping there will be a new version.... Please Nullsoft!!!! I need an update.... I can wait for WA3, just please let me in on a new Winamp 2.x...:( :( :(

But, by the looks of the WA3 Alpha... I'm going to love it!!! there's no way I'd ever desert my beloved Winamp...:D :D

17th August 2001, 23:05
they'd better release something new, that drag&drop vis area bug is really pissing me off. also, there are new much better versions of in_mod & in_midi waiting to be included (no new in_midi bugmail for more than one month. damn, i'm good).

17th August 2001, 23:58
Yes, PP, we know you're god, so STOP BRAGGING!

18th August 2001, 00:56
:eek: Red posted

and yes PP is plugin god:D

18th August 2001, 13:32

24th August 2001, 00:01
August 23, 2001 and still no new Winamp release! :mad:

Starting to get pissed off here! :mad:

24th August 2001, 00:53
Originally posted by AmpliDex
August 23, 2001 and still no new Winamp release! :mad:

Starting to get pissed off here! :mad:

wa3 L8 has just been released; calm down man

24th August 2001, 20:23
if there is goping to be only one person working on winamp v2.x then they should all be working on winamp 3 and start pouring out those updates, and fast. they should hire some more staff. get some volunteers. id volunteer but i suck at programming. ( dont worry im learning)

25th August 2001, 02:12
Finally! :)

W00000t! Winamp 3 Alpha L8r has just been released! Looking good, Nullsoft, looking good! :D However, the Shoutcast sort of sucks but that's not Nullsoft's fault cause it's my modem that's frigged up! :D

25th August 2001, 04:29
Just curious at the recent staff reductions, how that will prolong the release of Winamp3. And if it comes out in 2003, it better be a damn OS. :D Thanks to all the staff for busting their asses to get it out as soon as possible, as well as the people that put up with our gripes in the forums. Cheers mods.

25th August 2001, 23:51
Winamp OS? You wish! :D

26th August 2001, 16:46
yea, they mentioned staff reductions. who is gone now?