View Full Version : Skins are pissing me off too

Bilbo Baggins
20th August 2001, 20:55
But i am only on about my own skin. It sometime itches for no reason, and i have to scratch.

Worse is when i have to scratch my balls, in public, cause eveyone looks at me like i am some form of ape. Maybe i am.

The other thing about my skin is it is yellow. i can scan a photo for you to see its yellowness.

Worrying no?

Well, that is my skin rant done.

20th August 2001, 22:26
A wetsuit skin isn't.
Working around lots of nasty chemicals, I've had to come to grips with all kinds of irritating situations. Worst yet has to be crawling inside our machine for maintenance before ensuring all the sulfuric acid had been rinsed off. After sitting on a 10 inch roller while working, I had great balls o fire.
I've never scrubbed my nads that much before, except maybe that one time after bedding this one heinous vixen:p

Bilbo Baggins
21st August 2001, 09:28

Isn't it wrong though, to have sex with animals?

21st August 2001, 11:59
Serious question for you.

Why do men scratch their balls? Do they itch or do you just like touching them? Even on tv men dont mind scratching away for the world to see (ie: baseball players).

I think I will call some of my guy friends and ask them.

Have a great day!

~ Missy

John M
21st August 2001, 13:22
i know mine itch.

21st August 2001, 14:05
Ever get that 2 week stubble that itches like hell?
Well, that's how balls let you know they're still there when they aren't being fondled. "The boys" are often forgotten like retarded twins when they aren't in the care of a helping hand, so to speak.

Bilbo Baggins
21st August 2001, 20:36
Says the master ;)

22nd August 2001, 08:51
That's what he tells all the women :)

22nd August 2001, 09:33
My balls are itching right now.
I'm at work, should I do something about this?

22nd August 2001, 11:43
Scratch em!:p

22nd August 2001, 12:12
Originally posted by ElChevelle
Scratch em!:p
Okay, but what should I do about being at work? :p

Bilbo Baggins
22nd August 2001, 12:25
Tell them you are masturbating.

22nd August 2001, 12:31
A great way to introduce yourself to new co-workers:

Scratch their head, while saying,"My balls itch!":p

Lucid DM
22nd August 2001, 12:52
Or just slap them in the face with 'em...
That works too.


Bilbo Baggins
22nd August 2001, 20:37
Originally posted by ElChevelle
A great way to introduce yourself to new co-workers:

Scratch their head, while saying,"My balls itch!":p

I think you would do better in an a gorilla community there Chev.

22nd August 2001, 22:15
And the difference between there and here?:p

Lucid DM
22nd August 2001, 22:34
Here, we don't all have blood ties to Bilbo.

Bilbo Baggins
22nd August 2001, 23:07

I know i am hairy, and grunt a lot, but i thank you not to be called a gorilla. That would be demeaning to Gorillas.

17th October 2001, 14:02
Woah. Forgot about this thread before. :p
Hmm. How about scratching a co-workers balls? :D

17th October 2001, 23:09
You need a tool:

18th October 2001, 08:19
I hate that picture! It's creepy!

20th October 2001, 22:04
This is not what I clicked.
Let's just ask ourselves this: Why do our balls itch?
Why do we have to touch/scratch them all the time? And why, oh why?, in the most unconvenient situations and places all the time?
School, work, downtown, all those public places...
Well. Who cares?
If they itch, just scratch them! :D