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24th August 2001, 02:43
I hate that when I'm about to expand my cd collection and i drag em into the burn field in NERO the prog tells me the file(s) are possibly damaged...

Don't those fucko's who rip it know what they are doing.
Cuz then I have to redown that fucking song making me really pissed off..

Phew that felt good..

24th August 2001, 12:18
I have it to often..

And if you try to burn it. Nero looses Sync and then all hell is breaking loose...

24th August 2001, 17:49
You shouldn't use Nero to decode MP3s on the fly anyway, it has some problems....

25th August 2001, 04:25
Yep. You can only trust Nero to decode MP3's on-the-fly that you encoded yourself. And only God knows why you would want to burn a CD from MP3's if you have the original CD(s).