View Full Version : Banned WinAmp Skin?

24th August 2001, 06:14
I was wondering if my WinAmp Skin was banned for some reason.
Here's my story:

I made a WinAmp Skin dedicate to the Anime "Serial Experiments Lain" July of 2000. I submitted and I got a 3 star rating because I didn't have the Mini browser skinned (i think by dg).

I deleted it, skinned the minibrowser and got 4 stars with a suggestion to skin the AVS. I deleted added the AVS uploaded it again. (Why delete instead of edit: I didn't know any better)

Here is where it started getting weird. Although the only thing I changed was adding a skinned AVS, my rating went back to a 3 star rating asking for brighter colors and more of the keyboard in the mini browser showing. I took it back down again, brightened a few fot the colors and showed a bit more keyboard without going over board according to my taste (I figure I am the artist).

When I posted it again I waited... and waited... and waited. Lo an behold, when I logged back into my developer account, my Dee Jay Lain skin was no longer showing under the 'unpublished section'. It wasn't in the 'published' section either. I was gone. I added it 3 more times during the course of the last 12 months. I wait a few months between tries, yet everytime it gets deleted. I changed the name thinking maybe their is a name conflict with the first time I uploaded it, but it still gets deleted.

So I guess I'd like to know if it is banned or something. It is not porn in any way shape or form. I spent about 30 hours making it, and I think it's a pretty neat skin. I don't care what rating you give it now, but I'd like to see it up there for others who find it appealing, to download it.

I have submitted it again. My account name is Joe-El. The name of the file is djlain12.wsz and if you want to see it, you can go to my not very popular site http://joe-el.net/skins/

Any light you can shed on the subject will be appreciated.