View Full Version : People Ripping Progs !!!! What do you think ?

28th August 2001, 09:28
What Do you people think of guys pipping your hard coded stuff and taking credit for your work. All you did was donate your source as open-source.... I mean don't get me wrong sharing is great , but some people use your CODE and get paied for it. Now that really sucks !!!

Donate you story , Hurry I'm waiting !!!

chiquita chad
29th August 2001, 00:40
get it copyrighted and sue their asses for infringement

29th August 2001, 01:35
thats a DUH
:eek: :eek: :eek: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: wow to many smilies!!!:p

31st August 2001, 03:26
Oh god. Another open source debate. Quick recap (Free as in beer? Or as in speech? GNU != open source, free != GPL unless it's "free")

I understand some of the reasons for all the legalese attached to open-source, but I don't agree with a lot of it. Everyone has their definition of free source, but the only one that is truly free is public domain. Open source people like to say "it's for the good of everyone", but there is almost always a hidden agenda(don't get me wrong, MS sucks, but at least admit there is an agenda)

I resent people using the word free to describe something with a bunch of strings attached, whether it's Microsoft or open source.

Example: I'm developing a badass new plugin and need a BPM detector. I find one on sourceforge(woohoo). I'm not allowed to use it if I redistribute without the source. Fine, that's their right, but there are still strings attached. So I read the code to understand it, but some of the math is beyond me, so I either have to rip a small piece of the code(and break the law), or find a public domain version, or go back to math class.

By the way - Not ripping people's code so that you understand it yourself is why "reuse in software" never became common.

Of course outright ripping an entire program, and claiming full credit is a whole different thing.