View Full Version : Ahhhhh!!!! What The Hell Is With Your Submitting Thing???!!!!!

28th August 2001, 19:41
ok. first, the plug-in submission is acting all messed up and i'm fine with one thing acting screwy. now, the skin thing is acting messed up and i can't submit my skin that took me over 3 WEEKS TO MAKE??what the hell!:mad: ok. just needed to get that out of my system.

28th August 2001, 19:47
He's all yours, SLK;)

28th August 2001, 20:01
Fear not, for I am putting together a little announcement thing that will hopefully end most of this dribble from wandering in here :D

Second of all, to you gap jumper thing, try searching the forums next time :) I can't even count how many threads have already been started about this...

1st September 2001, 10:00
I may sound like an asshole here, but the number of times you have heard it doesn't mean this person could find it. Y'all are experienced in weeding through the forums to find what you're looking for. We appreciate the fact that you know much more than we do, but could you please provide a link to point in the correct direction so this thread may help others that venture into it. Thanks for the consideration and I hope I didn't piss the mods off by saying this.:eek:

5th September 2001, 12:04
[SIZE=4]I hate all this fuckin shit. the form is notv workin, i have a plugim and it says:mad: :mad: :mad: i dont have valid jpegorgif files!!!!:mad: :mad: :mad:

7th September 2001, 07:34
How many is a gazillion?