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3rd September 2001, 03:13
I hate Winamp AVS! It's ruining the plugin scene completely and causing me to waste atleast 90 minutes of my life a month searching through talentless crap...Should winamp pull AVS (sorta a recall)?

3rd September 2001, 03:49

it allows people who dont have programming experience make a plugin.

3rd September 2001, 12:17
Pulling AVS has not only never been thought of, it's a ridiculous proposition to do so. This is the first time I've ever heard this bitch before. I guess it's fitting with all the idiotic repetitive bitching about the skin site that we've endured the last few months. My poor bitchlist has turned into a pathetic whimperlist:p
Isn't this bitch a useless way to create a poll?

3rd September 2001, 15:31
what the hell are you talking about:D

ah....gotta love the bitchlist:D

Lucid DM
3rd September 2001, 16:46
Ah pity tha foo',
Who t'inks AVS ain't whopass.


3rd September 2001, 22:52
It ain't a useless bitch...I mean who knows if only 2 people are making all the crap AVS we see flooding the plugin section..or if there are actual users out there. I just wanted to know wich it was..reason enough.

As far as no mention of it... I think someone should of...atleast they should of mentioned a spinoff website, www.winamp-avs.com or something. I mean it's killing me here...80 new plugins, 79 of wich say AVS when you look at the details..breaks my heart and sucks big-time that you tend to miss the real useable plugins that you need to survive.... They should fix this before WINAMP 3, or people will miss everything good about winamp 3. Cuz of Winamp 3, I know it's only a matter of time till a NON-AVS mixed plugin site appears..just hope it's winamps and not john q public's.

4th September 2001, 00:29
I make avs presets. They give people the opprtunity to make really good visualizations without that much effort. I think they should be made there own section tho. I hope they will NEVER get rid of AVS because it is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

7th September 2001, 07:36
So, Chev, want me to bitch about the bitchlist? :D

7th September 2001, 13:31
Originally posted by jns
So, Chev, want me to bitch about the bitchlist? :D

Go bitch somewhere else!

12th September 2001, 00:20
I say (and what I say goes :P ) keep AVS, but don't load all the avs presets in with the plugins; I mean, preset‚plugin. Plugins are useful addons and it sucks to have to look through schloads of AVS presets to find them.
Whimper Whimper

12th September 2001, 07:07
Originally posted by weedsatan

Go bitch somewhere else!
GD? :p