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6th September 2001, 13:52
God Damn do these piss me off!

I take about 8 hours putting a bunch of cool prgrams on my computer and everything goes fine until I find myself at a website that has DirectX 8.1 for download, so I say Kick Ass! and went ahead and Downloaded and installed it NOT KNOWING that the fucker was a BETA! I restart my pyooter and right after windows loads up I get BOMBARDED by a bunch of dialong boxes saying Beta Direct Draw expired, please upgrade DirectX. I really doubt the final version of DX 8.1 is ready, so now I'm stuck with a POS Beta version of DX. I tried that one DX Uninstall progy but it didnt work very well. Now my PC is running at 16 fuckin colors and looks like shit, not to mention those errors are still fuckin there!

6th September 2001, 14:07

That truly blows monkey sphincter!

6th September 2001, 14:09
How could a company like Directx even consider releasing beta versions

6th September 2001, 15:22
Micro$oft makes it, that's why.

They realease it and send it to all the warez webmasters so they can distibute it to their visitors to stop them from downloading warez.

Its a conspiracy. :p

6th September 2001, 15:47
Just reinstall DirectX 8.0a

I recently had a real big pain in the ass... ATI TV Viewer for their Tuner Wonder product... it forces you to install DirectX 6 off the installation CD to use their program.

13th September 2001, 04:30
I think directx 8.1 is out. It comes with windows xp.

Nofx Guy
13th September 2001, 16:00
hmm microsoft is bad...... i want to get a job at fuckmicrosoft.com that would really whip the llamas ass! it would be a day to celebrate! hehe

13th September 2001, 22:53
is there any alternative to direct x that is capable of running as a replacment?