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9th September 2001, 01:02
Come on i'm sure weve all had a girlfriend who has lied to us about somethin and we finally catch them and then they r all like they r so sorry! and then nothin happens and they start more up. I SAY WE THROW THEM OUT ON THE STREETS!!!!! whose with me!

9th September 2001, 01:52

chiquita chad
9th September 2001, 01:53
im guessing you and ur girl just broke up...

ive never had a gf lie to me. i got lucky i guess :D
i've been dating my girlfriend since my junior year in high school and im now in my junior year of college :D

9th September 2001, 02:32
my exgirlfriend lied all the time. and she sucked at it. everyone could tell she lied.

9th September 2001, 02:38
actually we kinda did but its been on and off.....i jus got really good at readin her mind and i really hate when that happens...its funny tho when i answer for her and she sed......youre right....and i flipped out and made her ass cry....then she was like.....i'm soooo sorry and we did some "fun" stuff.

teen relationships are the shit.lol....

9th September 2001, 02:40
oh and chev, dont worry i lied to her alot....too bad she was too damn shallow to see me gettin all over some chick 3 streets down from where she lives....not to mention its also 3 streets from where i live since were on the same block!

9th September 2001, 02:47
My ex-girlfriend is a celebrity now!
Just got thrown in jail and in her town that feat earns a spot in the local paper.

9th September 2001, 02:51
lmao....holy shit. maybe you should pay her ass a visit, send her a care package

9th September 2001, 04:29
I've been in the situation before...... I was stupid enough to choose option 2, only to have it happen again :(

John M
9th September 2001, 05:00
i dont have a girlfriend yet.

you guys dont make me feel bad about it :p

9th September 2001, 08:26
After I found out my first gurlfriend lied to me and went behind my back, I dumped her. It was sad, too... I really loved her, but she didn't give me the same. :(

She was really good at other things, though. :D

My second gurl never had time for me. She's nice enough, but she was never there. After I tried tracking her ass down for a week straight, I said "screw it" and moved on. Never heard from her again.

At least now I've got a gurl that treats me like a human being.

9th September 2001, 09:07
My ex girlfriend and I broke up because we live 80 miles from each other and only got to see each other once a month at best :(

We ended up breaking up after 4 months, I still see her every once in a while.

I've been with my current girlfriend for almost 3 YEARS!! She's never cheated on me and I have complete trust in her. :)

yes, I sais GIRL friend, cuz the Bizz is NOT gay. :p

Bilbo Baggins
9th September 2001, 09:49
I have only ever had two girlfriends. Any my girlfriend now, who is my second girlfriend, is wunnerfull:)

10th September 2001, 07:48
Originally posted by millenniumviperx
teen relationships are the shit.lol....

No. In my experience teen relationships are just shitty.

The only lie my girlfriend ever told me was that she loved me. She was pretty honest about how dirty she was.

11th September 2001, 00:45
I would have to say

"Have great sex for as long as we want then throw them out! yeah!"

I have had some bad experiences with those female type

11th September 2001, 12:40
welcome to the boards! :)

11th September 2001, 18:36
Kill them or lock them in your basement and feed them rats. They're like traitors. Countries kill or jail their traitors, so we should be able to do the same thing.

Originally posted by sgtfuzzbubble99

My second gurl never had time for me. She's nice enough, but she was never there. After I tried tracking her ass down for a week straight, I said "screw it" and moved on. Never heard from her again.

Are you sure nothing bad happened to her? Kidnapped? Hospitalized? Dead?

12th September 2001, 05:41
No, she's fine. I found out some time later that she decided to call her ex-boyfriend to let him know that she was going on a trip with her family for a few days. Keep in mind that I was going out with her at the time... and I wasn't important enough to inform. Needless to say, I was a bit pissed when I heard this.

[her logic]
ex-boyfriend is more important than current one
[/her logic]

I still can't figure this one out, and ya know what, I don't give a shit.

13th September 2001, 01:47
i just think that its fun to play with their minds, i'm messin around with this chick still.....its great......then i got some others kinda into me its gettin cool!

John M
13th September 2001, 02:43
i've found that its better to have female friends at a tender young age such as mine instead of dating. one, because it saves ya the heartbreak, and two, i'm flat broke :D

13th September 2001, 18:50
yah i have some of those in my life too even tho i have a woman....well.......HAD.....a woman.....its cool to get with those friends every now and then somewhere out of town.....and u know......lol

13th September 2001, 21:12
A lying girlfriend's better than no girlfriend. I think I'd be alright with the small lies. But anything big... *BAM* she'd find herself single again so fast her head would spin.

14th September 2001, 01:44
yeah i think this chick can be really annoying. i dont think i will be talking to her for a few days..... hard as it may be since she lives like just around the corner. oh well forget it i think i'll have myself a beer! maybe she deserves to be with trash