View Full Version : God damned idiots! If there is a hell I hope they shall burn in it! :(

11th September 2001, 19:00
Today was a black day for humanity.
How can ones become become so wretched?
How the hell can people get so god damn sick?
Thousands of human lives, gone, as if they meant nothing.
If there is a hell, I hope those god damned idiots shall burn in it for their crimes against humanity!
I can't bear to think of it much more, it is too sick.
But how can one hate like that?


11th September 2001, 20:48
There are many would think of sth like this...

It just gets dangerous when someone also has the resources to pull it off!!!!

12th September 2001, 07:05
Yes, and how can one become so cruel? :(

13th September 2001, 13:03
One can only guess!!!

14th September 2001, 01:50
i wrote a 3 paragraph essay on that in class, i think i should put it somewhere to show ppl that most ppl had the same thoughts and reactions. if only i could get it back from the teacher. lol

14th September 2001, 07:11
Steal it back.