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13th September 2001, 22:52
I got to school to find out my apartment complex had overbooked, so I slept on a friend's floor the whole weekend until they got me another room.

That sucked, but worse, my new computer was being delivered to the address I was supposed to be at, but the bastards there didn't recognize my name and sent it back. $120 more, and it was shipped again to my new address, last friday, but now it will never get here, thanks to air traffic being shut down (This of course, is the stupidest thing in the world compared to WHY air traffic has been shut down.) So now, I feel guilty about bitching about my computer not getting here when it is because of an huge national tragedy, and life sucks.

Also, we have assigned parking, but someone took my spot. I didn't feel like being an asshole and having him towed, so I parked in another spot (it was 6 in the morning). at 9, I came out, and my car was gone, the assholes from room 147 had it towed. The worst was, there wasn't even a car in the spot when I came out. Someone just went out and decided to 'send me a message' or some such shit, and I am left with the $80 bill to get my car back.

Damn it all, and school sucks too.
"we will hunt down and punish......."

Bilbo Baggins
13th September 2001, 23:09
Originally posted by MamiyaOtaru
Damn it all, and school sucks too.

Hell yeh!

13th September 2001, 23:14
Ouch, Mamiya :(

Sorry about all that...

Welcome to my life :rolleyes: ;)

14th September 2001, 06:32
Originally posted by sawg
If you didn't knwo air traffic was shut down because recently four planes WERE USED A FUCKING MISSLES
I hope you weren't telling that to me, 'cause NO SHIT. That is exactly why I said This of course, is the stupidest thing in the world compared to WHY air traffic has been shut down.
Not only does it suck that my package isn't here, but the reason it isn't here is millions of times more horrible. Don't presume to tell me something the whole world knows, I feel awful about it already thank you.