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Zhek Kageshi
17th September 2001, 23:18
Ok, first off, I don't want to compare the two, it's a personal choice, and if you want to use Winamp, I respect your decision, however, the one thing I wish some of you would do is to respect my decision, I just got some jack-ass defacing my guestbook because he thinks Winamp is better. Hey, it's his opinion, but I have never ever felt that I should try to jack up stuff because of a media player. I made some skins for Sonique, and I use it because I like the look, when (and I don't doubt that it'll get there) Winamp gets to the same level of Free-form skinning, I'm there.

Anyway, thanks for your time.:D

John M
17th September 2001, 23:45
That blows. :( my opinion: if you like something, it behooves you to stick with it. so therefore i feel that all flaming related to choice of media player is simply idiotic.

Zhek Kageshi
17th September 2001, 23:47
Hey, John, still want to be in the RPG? I need some more info, if your still interested/

Bilbo Baggins
17th September 2001, 23:48
The Sonique vs Winamp debate is as old and ugly as teh Chicken and the Egg...

Zhek Kageshi
17th September 2001, 23:53
I'm not debating Winamp vs Sonique, some stupid winamper defaced my site so he could say that Winamp was better, it's arbitrary, so why bother?

My site has Sonique skins, so that's why he did it to my site, btw. (As I've said, Winamp skins are possible, as soon as free-form get's easier on Winamp.)

Bilbo Baggins
17th September 2001, 23:54
Your best course of action is to ignore whoever did it. Move on. Just don't let it get to you.

Zhek Kageshi
18th September 2001, 00:00
I just think hostilities on both sides should end, their are equally stupid Soniquers...

John M
18th September 2001, 22:54
Originally posted by Zhek Kageshi
Hey, John, still want to be in the RPG? I need some more info, if your still interested/ gaaah, i almost forgot about that. yes, i'm still interested. whatever you need, go ahead and post it here or drop me an email.

/me slinks over to sonique forums to catch up....

Zhek Kageshi
19th September 2001, 02:10
I really appreciate it john,,try this link first: http://forum.sq2.org/showthread.php?s=&threadid=194

I can get some more people in I guess, if your interested...

22nd September 2001, 19:36
Sonique's a good player......... But it's too glitchy.

And Winamp3 is going to destroy it. :D

Bilbo Baggins
23rd September 2001, 00:40
Of course it will. Sonique is nt in development anymore.

23rd September 2001, 15:08
Yeah. Sonique is just terribly designed.

However it does look nice.

Problem is, Winamp3 will look nice too, thus making Sonique inferior in every aspect.