View Full Version : Read CD Titles on Load

21st September 2001, 05:46
I swear to God that Winamp used to recognize CD titles. I just got v2.76 and it doesn't recognize titles, but neither did 2.73, what's going on? I like to see what songs are playing not just Track 11.....Anyone know whats up or what I can do?

21st September 2001, 06:11
I configured the plug in. Everything was as it should be. I've tried many diff cd's and nothing...

21st September 2001, 06:26
I downloaded plugin's tried different cd's and then went to the last resort....the uninstall. I uninstalled everything and then re-installed 2.73 it finally works again... Thanks for all your help

22nd September 2001, 16:55
2.73?! Reinstall 2.76. It's probably the fact that you reinstalled, not which one you actually reinstalled, that fixed it.