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21st September 2001, 06:41
Failed... again.. :(

Oh well, went better this time though.. :rolleyes:

chiquita chad
21st September 2001, 22:01
what part did u fail... written, or actual driving part?

i passed my first time :D

22nd September 2001, 16:54
I'm 18 and still haven't bothered gettign my learner's permit :p I think I should do it once I get off school from Christmas. That way if I take drivers ed I can get my license in around august.

22nd September 2001, 19:19
Well, you still have 1 more chance. What did you get marked down for?

I got 10 when I took mine. Mostly from not checking the mirror when starting a turn. That and turning too fast. Haha. Everyone complains about me turning fast. What they don't know is that it takes skills to turn fast and accurate.

Just practice on the parts that you get marked off.

PS I drove a car that I've never driven before to take the test and still passed. :D

23rd September 2001, 23:13
Sorry man:(
I passed the first time around, I missed 20 out of 26 though:)
10 points for messing up a part in the manouverablity test, and then 5 points for not turning at a light when I should have turned and 5 points for something else.
Good Luck next time around

23rd September 2001, 23:30
My little corner of the Inferno has an exceedingly aggravating testing system. A computerized theory part that a monkey could pass while underwater, and held by it's tail upside down, then TWO road tests.

24th September 2001, 11:09
Originally posted by chiquita chad
what part did u fail... written, or actual driving part?
Driving. :(