View Full Version : Buffer - Play - Skip - Buffer - Play - Skip - *Sigh*

23rd September 2001, 09:01
Nullsoft MPEG Audio Decoder 2.75i {IN_MP3.DLL}
Streaming Data Buffer "-
It says there increase this value to give better
skip protection on slower connetion,
I allready increased it to 4096 KB from 64 KB
but it takes a very long time complete the buffer % :D
it seems that winamp buffer it all before playing it
what if:
- Keep on buffering while playing from the buffer -

Bilbo Baggins
23rd September 2001, 12:22
Have you considered it is your hardware?

23rd September 2001, 15:04
Your internet service provider sucks.

23rd September 2001, 15:49
What type of connection do you have? It's almost always that which makes listening to shoutcast hard.