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26th September 2001, 10:32
now i'm really pissed off... i'll have to go to dumbass pascal programming lessons again because that motherfucker didn't like my final homework. i don't think that that idiot will make better software than i do now. THIS SUCKS.

26th September 2001, 11:13
School and programming courses don't mix. :(
I explicitly said I wanted to learn C, know what class they put me on?
Visual Basic! :mad:
Damn morons, would they do the same and put someone who wanted to learn French in a Spanish-class? :mad::(

26th September 2001, 12:36
arg, visual basic. that's gotta hurt.

26th September 2001, 12:42
Yeah, damn stupid people over there. :mad:
I might get on a C course though..

26th September 2001, 12:56
get msvc and rtfm hard, like i did http://www.blorp.com/~peter/images/evilgrin.gif

John M
26th September 2001, 22:25
heh. i start c++ (or whatever :p) after christmas.

26th September 2001, 22:28
PP what was this project? can we see it?

27th September 2001, 07:28
PP, l33t c0d3r man, could you make a perl-module that would allow me to crop images and also convert to greyscale? (jpegs) :p

27th September 2001, 21:59
s1138: it was a stupid game with simple ai, you can't see it because (1) it stinks, (2) i hate it, (3) comments are in polish, (4) it is written in turbo pascal and turbo pascal sucks, (5) everything from borland sucks (imo), (6) etc.
jns: no, i don't know perl :p, i hardly ever write any scripts (except for some php hacking for my website (lamead script, blorp, etc)).

27th September 2001, 22:24
awww...come on PP:)

28th September 2001, 07:08
Originally posted by PP
jns: no, i don't know perl :p, i hardly ever write any scripts (except for some php hacking for my website (lamead script, blorp, etc)).
Heh, okay, I'll keep looking. ;)

28th September 2001, 13:17
Hmmm, I'm in a C++ class right now ... I have one problem with that though. I think it's the fact that I've already been in a C++ class. Thanks to the fucking AP Comp Sci test I have to take this again. We just learned how to create functions. Please someone ... shoot me.

28th September 2001, 13:20
/me shoots

28th September 2001, 13:41
Consider yourself lucky, first lesson in a class I didn't want to go:

Then you click there and do that to add this control..
and so on, and so on..

28th September 2001, 17:37
Originally posted by PP
/me shoots

Dude, you missed.

28th September 2001, 18:20

28th September 2001, 22:48
I remember my high school computer course (Grade 11). I was expecting to learn how to do HTML, etc. Turned out it was the same easy shit I learned in like Grade 3 and on my own at home before I even started Junior High (word processing and doing worksheets like in Excel) :p

Then again it was nice to see the look on everybody's faces when I did my 5up3rl33t Powerpoint project :D

29th September 2001, 02:18
same here neo...(only i was in 8th grade) i was teaching the teacher stuff:)

John M
29th September 2001, 02:30
god, i hated that. she eventually just had me go around and fix computers in classrooms so she could save some face :D

DJ Egg
12th October 2001, 06:25
You think you guys have problems . . .
When I was at school, the only programming languages were:
B.A.S.I.C. | C.E.C.I.L. | C.O.B.O.L.

DOS6 was all the rage & Win3.1 was released the year after I left (early 80's)

:( :p :o :D

12th October 2001, 07:02
Why teach the teacher when you can trick the teacher? :D;)

John M
13th October 2001, 01:52
Originally posted by DJEgg
heh. my cousin has this book in his room ' COBOL for the 80's '. cracks me up every time i see it.

13th October 2001, 07:41
Originally posted by s1138
same here neo...(only i was in 8th grade) i was teaching the teacher stuff:)Yeah, same here. Our computer teacher was an ex-stock broker who was just taking over for the real teacher who was on maternity leave for the school year.
Stock broker. You know the type. :rolleyes: The guy thought MP3 and MIDI were the same thing. http://www.neorenegade.homestead.com/files/ROTFLMFAO.gif

Looking back, it was a fun class, because like a quarter of the time, we were supposed to be surfing the net during class :D

13th October 2001, 11:27
heh, are computer teacher was originally the gym teacher:D

you gotta love school computer classes

13th October 2001, 16:05
when i was in highschool they made us draw circles using for loops in GW BASIC. That was in 1995 [yes that is correct], using 8088 machines running an ancient version of DOS, with no HDD, just 2 5 1/4" drives. This was in a Greek public school in Athens. When i was in 11th grade [in a private school this time], they made us draw stupid pictures in paint, type shit in word or create graphs in Excel! Imagine how borring was that!