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26th September 2001, 17:10
Stupid teacher. "Write an essay about about this boring book wich blows giant donkey nuts and will make your eyes fall out if you read it. Oh and it has to be longer than the actual book itself."

Thats how it translated to me. I HATE essays and cant write them well. SONAVABITCH. due friday, ERGH.:mad:

26th September 2001, 17:47
What book is it on?

And ever heard of looking for one on the web and then personifying it??

26th September 2001, 18:23
I love essays... I wrote an English one the morning it was due at 1:45, and got 90% :)

All thanks to the excellent teaching I got in g10

mark e
26th September 2001, 18:40
I hate too... grrr... :mad:

26th September 2001, 18:46
I love to read! What book is it on? Maybe we could help!

~ Missy

27th September 2001, 02:22
Hard Times by Charles Dickens i have to write about why fantasy cant be repressed.