View Full Version : New Lyric Website for all you freestylers.

26th September 2001, 21:58
Hello, i was wondering, for all you freestylers, if youd like to check out my site, this site is much different then any other freestyle site, much more user interaction...people are coming to view others lyrics, submit there own, vote on others. Here is the nice part...If you get 20 or more votes with an average of 3.5 in voting, you get to be in the battle, where you will go against 14 others to see who wins and is the champion lyricist, when you submit your lyrics, you enter a password, with your handle and email address, so that no1 can steal your handle, sort of like logging in...check it out..give me some feedback :)... www.spitlyrics.com

Mr Jones
26th September 2001, 22:05

Dont crosspost.


26th September 2001, 22:06