View Full Version : RAR!@# Skins still not up!

28th September 2001, 14:00
I submitted them back in late JULY! ;_; still not up..*sob sob*

28th September 2001, 14:02
Woah, sorry to hear. :eek:

. - .... .- -. ....
28th September 2001, 15:08
skins database is "not functioning at the moment" (translation: it's fucked) so unfortunately we can't review any of the submitted skins until it's working again. good news though - there seems to be progress on repairing it.

30th September 2001, 17:56
I'm noticing a lot of skinner-program skins and sponsored skins being published right now...
How are you guys deciding whose skins to publish right now and whose to wait on? I've seen lots of awesome looking skins on other skin sites that people have submitted in the past week that I don't see here because they haven't been published yet. Many of those have hundreds of downloads while the skinner skins, which are pretty much almost all of the ones you're publishing right now, only have 10 or 20 DLs. If all you guys are going to do is publish low quality generated skins, then DeviantArt.com might be seeing a lot more visitors...

Mr Jones
30th September 2001, 18:45
They are published in the order they are submitted in, makes no odds if it's a skinner generated skin, or a master class work of art.

The only exception to that are the sponosred skins, which with obvious reason, get published faster.

Don't forget , winamp.com is for everybody, not just the people who can wield photoshop to create skins.

John M
30th September 2001, 21:37
i still think that skins should have a min. of the Main Window, EQ, and playlist to be skinned. that, and skinner skins should be quarantined.

1st October 2001, 18:36
I agree with that. You guys at WinAmp care about all the skinners regardless of talent, and that's all well and good, but the visitors and people who want to DL quality skins should be more important. Right now, I have to either scroll through hundreds of skins to find a few good ones, or go to a decent skin site like DeviantArt, Customize.org, etc. and find a good one immediately. The way I see it, it's better for both the site and the visitors to give priority to non-skinner program skins. When people start to realize that skins that are just an image slapped onto the Main.bmp aren't going to be published as quickly as good, made-from scratch ones (which are almost always more popular), you guys should see better quality in submitted skins and fewer SkinAmp ones.

If you guys are unwilling to do that, then create another Newest Skins section for only non-generated ones, and have the generated ones in the old Newest Skins section. That way, we don't have to waste our time looking through piles of crap to find a decent skin.