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30th September 2001, 07:21
New audio format discussion forum called Project Mayhem is now open.

The forum is made by Dibrom (known to R3mix-forum visitors and also from Lame dm-presets).

You can reach Dibrom and many developers including Robert Hegemann (Lame mp3-encoder developer), Ivan Dimkovic (Psytel AAC developer - moderator of the AAC section), Monty/xiphmont(Ogg Vorbis developer - moderator of the Vorbis section), Andree Buschmann (MPC/MP+ developer), and many more knowledgeable people through the Project Mayhem forum sections.
Also all newbies to audio formats are more than welcome.

Formats covered:

Project Mayhem chat:
For those not familiar with IRC-client softwares, there's a fully working IRC JAVA-applet available for chatting.
It goes automatically to the right channel.
For those using mIRC etc. Project Mayhem channel can be reached at:
port 6667

The forum is just over 24hours old, so don't expect yet completely full message sections. Things are looking very nice though... :) So check it out and register your nick.

About the domain name Hydrogenaudio:
Hydrogen Audio is a collection of open source, cross platform audio tools that are being worked on. At the moment there isn't much to show, but hopefully that will change soon.
One of the Hydrogen Audio tools is Java based blind listening test software (client-server operation, result analyzer etc.) Until it's ready, Ivan Dimkovic's excellent wavrate is probably the software of choice for blind
listening tests. So expect to see many listening test comparisons at Project Mayhem.


30th September 2001, 08:17
/me registers

30th September 2001, 12:19
Sounds really good !
Thank for the information!

/me registered 'Thor' :cool:
(I always have to be quick, there's too many Thors out there :p)

binary hero
30th September 2001, 13:34
hey, i'm registered. Um, are some of those extra smileys from Sarge's smilies?

30th September 2001, 13:40
Originally posted by solarias
Um, are some of those extra smileys from Sarge's smilies? Yea, at least 3 are I think :)
But don't copy my sig dude :p

30th September 2001, 15:38
omg weee

30th September 2001, 18:30
/me registered 'SNYder'

30th September 2001, 18:51
I registered as Missy.

I took a look around - great site - great layout. However, I dont know if I will hang around there. I dont understand what they are talking about. Can anyone help out the old lady learn someting new?

~ Missy