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JEDGpro - SteV
3rd October 2001, 18:14
http://mpeg4ever.8m.com/SteV - Final Edit STEV.jpg

Allright just be fair. That's my only message i've got. This is what you have to do. Waiting for 5 weeks and your plugin isn't uploaded jet. Just type in. The one with the longest waiting time will be the winner.
Then winamp can see that there system doesn't works that good at all.

SteV me 5 weeks waiting for upload

13th October 2001, 17:49
I put up a skin on August 4th. It still wasn't up by October when I tried to update my entry, which probably reset everything, so I'm not sure it counts anymore.

ONE skin.

WARNING: rant to commence. Feel free to ignore everything in quote box, but since this is a bitch board, I intend to bitch otherwise I'll probably pop a vein

I wouldn't be so ticked about the endless waiting if it weren't for Otto Deth and Jean-Michel Balto and their umpteen BAZILLION skinner skins choking out everything in existance. First, there's Jean-Michel Balto and his fifty (yes FIFTY) skins for singer Mylene Farmer. I swear, does ANYONE need fifty skins about them by the same person? Seriously Jean, spend your time making one GOOD tribute skin instead of churning out endless sumstandard skins. And then there's Otto, who makes the previous guy seem tame. I think he is making a skinner skin of every album he's ever heard in his life! ARGH! It makes me wish that there was a limit to the number of skins you could post PER DAY (like three) - at least then some of us other people might be able to squeeze our work in there and there'd be fewer people clogging the backlog with endless strings of this garbage, choking out the rest of us. There are literally PAGES and PAGES of Otto's slap-together skins to the point that you'd almost think this was HIS site, not WinAmp's. No wonder the reviewers are so far behind, with crud like this backlogging them. :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

(sigh) Okay, I feel better now.

Waiting 2 months, 9 days

19th October 2001, 13:13
Just got the email that said I've been published (FINALLY, YAY!!) The wait is over.

19th October 2001, 14:09
Originally posted by JEDGpro - SteV
This is what you have to do. Waiting for 5 weeks and your plugin isn't uploaded jet. Just type in. The one with the longest waiting time will be the winner.I have never created a Winamp skin/plug-in in my life. So I've waited for 27 years and my skin/plug-in still hasn't been uploaded yet! :mad::mad::mad:

JEDGpro - SteV
20th October 2001, 08:45

Why don't try making AVS-presets. Is fun and is easy.
TBOAVS -- 1 --

20th October 2001, 19:37
why do you keep posting that idiotic image everywhere ? if you post it again, i'll start deleting it from all your posts.

John M
20th October 2001, 23:37
heh. i love hardass mods :D

JEDGpro - SteV
21st October 2001, 09:06
PP Who do you think you are if you don't have anything to say with sence in it beat it.


21st October 2001, 17:51
JEDGpro - SteV is obviously unwanted here, yet they continue to post ... odd.