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4th October 2001, 00:56
The only problem is that there are more nutcases out there if we get rid of him. There are people who WANT to die. My humanities teacher showed me an article from last Saturday's Wall Street Journal (1st page) about a terrorist fair in Tehran. There are people out there who are furious that they didn't die ten years ago when we kicked Saddam's :D . No, really. Islam says that if anyone becomes a martyr during a Jihad they will go to heaven and be greeted by seven dark haired virgins.:rolleyes:
Anyhoo, their perversion of Islam says that they are 'defending' themselves against America. It's no secret that we live well while they deal with poverty and overwhelming US influence, but no self-respecting real Muslim would agree with any of their actions.

I say just kill bin Ladin, and keep these martyr-wannabees alive. It'll really :p them off. I never forget a face, but in your case, I'll make an exception- Groucho Marx

John M
4th October 2001, 02:17
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