View Full Version : sb live IR remote & winamp

7th October 2001, 22:09
is there a way to control winamp via the remote that comes with sb live platinum 5.1?

just curious

8th October 2001, 13:46
Theers a plugin that came with the livedrive I believe ....

8th October 2001, 19:00
yeah, but it crashes winamp every other second :)

8th October 2001, 19:47
oh, that's usefull

I have an old Packard Bell remote that I long ago threw away teh remote to, buy the reciever works with winlirc winlirc.sourceforge.net (http://winlirc.sourceforge.net) so I can use any Remote control with it just by recording the remote button. maybe this would help your situation? it may read the remote input from the soundblaster ?