View Full Version : fucking AOL bastards.

8th October 2001, 07:37
damnit. aol are a bunch of bastards, i hope you executives are reading this. winamp was good and pure and because they too need to eat they gave into your offer. (i know this is a little late) but seriously, do you have to fuck up somthing good to spread your crappy service? and now that theres a .com depression of wich i am also a victom you had to let some winamp employees go. WTF. i bet anyone at winamp is worth 20 aol employees. so in conclusion. you guys are fuckers, and nullsoft. i feel your pain. tell justin ill come work for free.

8th October 2001, 08:35
yeah, FUCK AOL!

We all hate them here! :)

My girlfriend can get AOL for free cuz she has a Gateway and she chooses not too cuz its sucks so damn bad! :D

Wow, what a way to post my 1100th post! :D

Bilbo Baggins
8th October 2001, 09:51
I like AOL. Me love it long time;)

8th October 2001, 10:34