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8th October 2001, 10:48
Ever had something that just fucking pissed you off?
Why? And/Or how it should be taken care of?

1. Osama Bin Laden
> Chinese razor torture. Then Kick him in the balls constantly
> while he bleeds to death.

2. AOL
> You've Got Mail (translation: "You've got a shitload of spam.
> Don't bother reading it, we'll probably fucking sign you off
> before it finishes its hour loading time anywayz")
> you can almost get DSL for $25 a month.

3. Osama Bin Laden
> some people make the list twice.


4. Micro$oft
> Greedy, scheming motha fuckers. Run down Bill Gates once for
> each port Windows secretly opens to Micro$oft's prying eyes.

5. Windows ME
> Micro$oft leaves much work undone again! The slowest goddamned
> slightly stable version yet. Damn, if they haven't gotten this
> right with XP, they should quit while they still have their
> heads.

6. Gateway
> The shittiest computers I've laid eyes on. What dumbass envented
> The damn "flex case". Besides that, I ordered the tower, you
> stupid motha fuckas!

7. JS.Trojan.Fav.c
> Where the fuck is this coming from ?!?
> Ever since visiting that damn page on homestead ...


9th October 2001, 00:29
7) IBM. Fucking Nazis. They really did help the Germans in WW2 by making special-order punchcard machines to keep track of all the Jews being sent to death camps.
And now they have this motherfucking annoying commercial being played every break...

Bad Alice Deejay imitation: Do you rrreeeaaallllllyyy want a cccllloooooonnneee?!
Obese girl with braces: No way!
(Repeat of bad Alice Deejay imitation)
Retarded wanker: Nooo!
Clueless woman: And now, for just a BUCK A DAY, you can get a brand new IBM computer. With an 800MHz processor and 64MB of RAM, you can surf the net, chat, listen to music, and even play games!
Me: Oh gggeeeeee motherfucker, didn't know I couldn't do that with my own computer which is twice as good!

9th October 2001, 01:00
hahaha 64meg ram..
i bet it has some offbrand graphic card too.

9th October 2001, 02:15
8. Humans : For fucking up everything we touch...