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8th October 2001, 11:05
damn, I was working last night, damn loud, got this ringing in my ears... :(

8th October 2001, 12:08
What do you mean by "working loud" ? :confused:

8th October 2001, 15:07
Err, not working loud. :p
Loud music. :(

9th October 2001, 07:21
Turn down the volume from time to time ;)
How do you feel today ?

9th October 2001, 07:31
1. Turning the volume down was beyond my control. The newspaper made me work at a place where two bands were going to play..
2. Better, but it's still ringing a little in my right ear.. :(
3. (Need to get ear-plugs)

9th October 2001, 08:16
go to watadoo's new job site, EarQ.

I forgot the link though, but I think you could use that. :)

9th October 2001, 08:16
Well, what is it? :p

9th October 2001, 08:21

Tell us about the results :D

Go, jns :p

9th October 2001, 08:25
hmm, okay, hearing check?
Do I need speakers for this? :p
The problem isn't actually bad hearing, but ringing in my ears, this is called tinnitus, and can get chronical, I think has has passed now though.
It is called by loud noises, like standing next to speakers where the volume is high.
The thing I needed was ear-plugs, not a hearing-test. ;)
(I got it confirmed. I could hear. Very very loud though.)

9th October 2001, 13:43

The payment for the shameless plug for your site can be done the usual way (secret account number in Switzerland) ;) :D

10th October 2001, 01:32
I got tinnitus too. I just learned to live with it. It's hard at times, but whatcha gonna do about it?

John M
10th October 2001, 02:25
what is tinnitus? and do i need to worry about it if i want to go into audio recording in the future?

10th October 2001, 03:50
Ringing/humming noises in your ear. And yes. It's caused by prolonged exposure to loud noises, and can result in a decrease in hearing acuity.

Did I mention that I'm not a doctor? :D;)

10th October 2001, 06:36
You may not be a doctor, but you're a better doctor than doctor Pork or whatever his name is? :confused:
Ah well, at least it seems correct. :p
And watadoo: thanks. :)