View Full Version : Waiting for years before that plugin is published

JEDGpro - SteV
8th October 2001, 17:31

I'm waiting for a long time now and my new plugin TBOAVS Compilation -- 1 -- isn't uploaded jet. I think they won't do it anymore because my componentId is 76399 and the componentID's of current plugins are about the 81000. Can you do me a favour and send an email to WINAMP with the request or they can put it online.
IF someone from WINAMP.COM reads thisPUT THE PLUGIN ONLINE

Thanx SteV

TBOAVS -- 1 --
TBOAVS Compilation -- 1 -- (not online yet)

Mr Jones
8th October 2001, 20:40
It'll be reviewed when it's reviewed, end of story.