View Full Version : Locker Uploads Gone?!

14th October 2001, 17:04
i just tried uploading some files into my locker. to my utter shock, a box came up saying "uploading is no longer available". what the hell? what's the use if we can't upload? has anyone else experienced this major winamp fuck-up?

14th October 2001, 17:12
thanks. so it's a myPlay fuck up, then.

15th October 2001, 20:50
Any word if the service will be coming back?

16th October 2001, 10:57
i got an e-mail from "locker support" simply apologizing for the fact that they aren't accepting uploads "right now". no word on when it will be back (it seemed like an automated reply, for what that's worth).

DJ Egg
16th October 2001, 22:55
I just contacted them too. Here's a copy of what I sent:

Why does it now say "sorry, uploading is no longer permitted" when you click the Copy from Hard Drive button? Is this just a temporary glitch or server error?

I'm a moderator on the winamp forums, and there's now been a fair few posts regarding this. I fear we're going to get inundated by even more pretty soon.

If this service is no longer available or isn't going to be reintroduced, then I really don't see the point of anyone wanting to sign up anymore. In fact I might even delete my own account because that's all I was going to use it for, as soon as I get broadband.

It's blatant false advertising saying "store 3GB of your music online" when it's now obvious that you can't. I knew it was too good to be true, or just too good to last.

You might want to remove the "copy from hard drive" button and update this "help" page accordingly too:

I've got to say I'm very disappointed by this, so please don't reply with a st00pid automated one-liner telling me what I already know. Someone here has got some serious explaining to do.



Winamp Forums Moderator.

17th October 2001, 19:34
My response from Myplay support was that WINAMP would be posting information regarding this shortly. It seems Myplay is shifting the responsibility back to Winamp.

I've seen no recent notices from Winamp so it seems they're taking their sweet time posting something regarding the locker. Might be nice for someone at Winamp to post a notice on their main page if they'd like to avoid constant complaints regarding this.

Either that or Myplay is getting tired of the complaints. Who knows?
Waiting on a final word as to what's going on!


17th October 2001, 20:03
until uploading to the locker comes back (if it ever does), i've taken to using alternative methods for online storage of my music files. if you have an ftp program (you can even find free shareware ones on the 'net), you can upload your files into a homepage account (i.e. geocities, tripod, etc.) and store them there. granted that it isn't "3 gb", but it's better than nothing.

20th October 2001, 23:10
erm ... www.myplay.com <-- that works perfectly even for winamp lockers.

26th October 2001, 04:11
Not anymore. When you try to log in at MYPLAY, the site shuttles you to WINAMP where uploading is still no longer permitted.

26th October 2001, 18:02
I was also able to use the loophole Wednesday. But now it is closed. :(

Do we know if winamp will be using another service if Myplay starts to make us pay in order upload?

27th October 2001, 02:00
I was also unable to add to my current locker no matter how I tried. However, the MyPlay site is still accepting new users. So I entered a new address, opened a new account and added my files. The new user was immediately available for use on Winamp. How wierd is that? I'm sure this is just one more loophole that will be plugged.

But the Winamp opening screen still advertises that new files can be added to lockers. If this isn't true then why isn't Winamp changing their home page?

2nd November 2001, 05:13
So much for burning CDs...

All I need to know is a WHY not a WHEN. I don't wanna go through the painful, painful process of uploading over 1800 songs from scratch. I had around 200 in there.... BASTARDS!!!

*sigh* well that's life. Annoys me though because that was the way I showed people my music: I gave them access to my locker!

and if this is some sort of corporate hot potato somebody's gonna get a serious can of whoopass in the mail. with anthrax.

Although, at least they kept our lockers around...