View Full Version : Really guys, make the rating system as it was...

14th October 2001, 18:19
Well I'm really pisted about the rating system, I'm mean really good skins aren't there anymore, I published a good skin myself but it isn't even in the newest directory, please get the old rating system back because, for example, there are only one and two star skins in the recent directory, nobody wants to see those,

so if somebody can tell me in wich directory this skin is:
Remax (search it if you want to see it)
let me know, and really this skin isn't that bad that it gets tree stars, is it, because when it is, it's really bad with this page,

Thanks for reading this,

Roy Niels

DJ Egg
14th October 2001, 23:12
Sorry, but this has no place in Tech Support.
I'm moving this to the bitchlist where it will fit in nicely with all the other numerous bitches about skin & plugin uploads/ratings & website-related issues, etc etc.

Go moan at aol/tw . . . they sacked the web dev team.