View Full Version : WA3 Public Beta

16th October 2001, 13:07
Ok, I'm not bitching about wa3 itself, but I am bitching about how it is now to the public through the main page. Because of it being on the main page, we get such idiots that can't read the readme, and they can't read the wa3 faq. What the fuck. I hate reading the same thing over again, and if they read the fucking readme file or the faq then they wouldn't have posted it. People must be really dumb to not read either, or ignorant. This is the biggest downside to wa3. I can't find any other downside.

I doubt I'm the only one that is getting tired of this. I mean it's been out for what? a week or two? and their are a ton of threads about one thing! I'd hate to see what bugzilla would be like if people were still able to sign up to submit bugs. Thank god they closed that off.