View Full Version : Nullsoft Disk Writer plug-in v2.0

17th October 2001, 19:21
I'm not sure, but I thought earlier versions of Winamp 2.xx when converting MP3 to WAV using out_disk, would create files such as: "00_filename.wav", numbering the files in the order they came in the playlist.

Now, the newer versions of 2.xx create files like "1_filename.wav", so any playlist over 10 songs will not be in order when listed.. This is esepcially inconvenient when trying to drag the .wav files into a CD burning program (they're listed 1, 10, 11, 12, 2, 3, 4..).

Please go back to the "00_filename.wav" style.. Thanks!


19th October 2001, 15:50
PP just updated his plugin to do so
hope you are happy ;P

(I know I am, thanks again, PP :) )

22nd October 2001, 03:50
when converting my MP3s to .wavs with the disk writer v 2.0 plugin my wav files come back really distorted, any help?


22nd October 2001, 10:08
another case of poor fella having problems with disabling EQ/DSP while converting

23rd October 2001, 12:55
the link isnt working... at least for me :(
btw cant wait for the full winamp3 version. hope it has a good disk writer plugin ;)