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21st October 2001, 06:03
Here's a joke I heard the other day.

Q: Why are driver's ed and sex ed not taught on the same day in Afghanistan?

A: They are taught on separate days to keep the camels from wearing out.

22nd October 2001, 04:15

23rd October 2001, 07:14
Here's another one I found.

The United States Department of Transportation and many of the leading automotive manufactures secretly installed black boxes on pick-up truck to record the last minute before an accident. They found that the most common phrase said before a wreck was something on the lines of "Oh shit!!" execpt for in the states of Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Alabama, and Missouri. In those states, the most common last phrase went as follows: "Hold my beer and watch this." No explaination about why these states differ than the other 45 could be given at the conclusion of the testing.