View Full Version : How Was I Able To Download A Virus?!

21st October 2001, 09:45
i downloaded a file called "AVS TEST FILES BY NOVOSEL", under "avs presets" which contained a back door sub seven virus. my question is: doesn't winamp test the files before they post them on the website? WHAT THE FUCK?! I had to go to a lot of trouble because i trusted the content of winamp. it would just suck to be one of the unfortunate idiots without norton anti virus.


21st October 2001, 23:29
couldn't you have investigated this properly first before announcing to the world in a user review that this person was distributing a virus?

i've downloaded and checked the file in question. it does not contain any malicious code. Norton AntiVirus does, however, (incorrectly) detect this as "Backdoor.SubSeven", probably something to do with the fact that the AVS presets were packaged with UPX.

The author obviously spent a lot of time working on those presets, and posted them on the site so he could share his work with the world. files are checked before being allowed on the site, and this particular one is safe. however, your harsh comments on the page will probably prevent half the world from even considering downloading them.

wasn't very nice of you, was it?

22nd October 2001, 07:01
You expected differently from someone's first post?

22nd October 2001, 13:25
i don't mind newbies. i just think it would have been more decent if he'd said "norton detects a virus in this file, can anyone confirm this?" instead of "NOVOSEL IS A FUCKING WANKER, GO AND RAPE HIS WIFE AND CHILDREN"

23rd October 2001, 01:42
True. I supposed he was just trying to help, it just takes a while to learn the process. . .

At least he didn't make the same comment 100 times(*cough* wild tangent A Knight's Tale *cough* cheap self promotion). He also didn't do it to lower somebody else's plugin just to boost his. . .

newbies. . .never evil. . .just. . . newbies. .

John M
23rd October 2001, 02:02
its pretty funny seein yall talk about newbies.

23rd October 2001, 02:05
I'm a 80% newbie compared with the member with the highest post count (sawg (http://forums.winamp.com/member.php?action=getinfo&userid=8860))! Oh my!

23rd October 2001, 10:17
well if we're talking post counts i'm probably 99.9% newbie.:p

even so, i wouldn't sound off about an asshole distributing viruses unless i was sure there was a virus.

just seems like common decency to me. *shrugs*

23rd October 2001, 13:02
Well, I've made just a few posts, at least less than everybody exept our "virus-warner" who posted here, and at least NOW (its gonna change?) but why should I be considered a newbie? maybe wenn 'talkin bout posting on this forum, but I'm using Winamp for a long time... and if not winamp, I'm using computers for years :) --- newbies dont exist, only stupid people. see an example above :(

and sorry for my english, I'm just to lazy to use my dictonary :)

31st October 2001, 02:23
Who the hell cares how many times you post messages. Get lives instead of posting stuff. (get the ironi?)

31st October 2001, 02:27
I´m just wondering what you who have posted 1000-2000 messages post.
What the hell are you writing and what´s it good for.

31st October 2001, 19:53
U know, people who dont have REAL lives just try to create VIRTUAL lives instead ;) lucky I dont belong to this group :D


John M
31st October 2001, 20:38
no, i've just been here a while :)

1st November 2001, 17:37
Originally posted by backbone69c
I´m just wondering what you who have posted 1000-2000 messages post.
What the hell are you writing and what´s it good for.2 words buddy:
And we get tired of it sometimes when we're not appreciated.