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26th October 2001, 05:53
Hella bitchy

Why is it do they ALWAYS have better English than American students???? If they are so smart why does our district automatically give them a B if they get anything below it?!? Yes I know bad grammer punctuation spelling but so what? I work hard for my B average so why do they get them for free?

26th October 2001, 10:10
have you ever taken a foriegn language?

cause in spanish class, slang isnt part of the lesson.

same in other countries, they are tought proper english, not slang, which most of us use.
my mom used to be an english teacher in japan.

Mr Jones
26th October 2001, 10:24
Originally posted by s1138
Have you ever taken a foriegn language?

Because in Spanish class, slang isn't part of the lesson.

Same in other countries, they are taught proper English, not slang, which most of us use.

My mother used to be an English teacher in Japan.

What did she teach you then ???:D

26th October 2001, 14:12
We get signal!!

26th October 2001, 22:09
im taking japanese and our sensei is teaching us swear words body parts and how to hit on japanese chicks.

Bilbo Baggins
27th October 2001, 00:16
And your problem is?

When is heathen lands, swear as heathens do. I shouldn't say that, being a heathen meself.

27th October 2001, 00:38
Originally posted by Mr Jones

What did she teach you then ???:D

me? i learn at my school, but i am a lazy typer.
now she is a 5th grade teacher.

white, that was one of the first thing i learn in spanish class, how to hit on girls:D

27th October 2001, 18:38
English is an extremely difficult language to learn; only Mandarin Chinese is harder. The grammar and pronunciation in English only follow basic guidelines- English sets up many rules and then breaks them all in some way or another.

My Japanese teacher (Who taught me proper Japanese, thank you) said in 5 years a diligent English person can be very fluent in Japanese, but a diligent Japanese person will only know elementary english.

27th October 2001, 23:51
Should French has really been selected as the international language instead of English?

28th October 2001, 00:36
the forien exchange students at our school get B's in math science english and electives. their only requirement is to attend class. doing home work is optional. i think that is shit.

five years i expect to be fluent in japanese and maybe working on the main dilect in chinese. you know they will be a world power by then and if you cant see it happening then you need to open your eyes.

28th October 2001, 00:38
i think the internationaly language should be a very difficult one because there is more options with vocabluary more bending and flexing and you can explain complex concepts with simple words. a language that takes in many other language (english, japanese, chinese) should be the international language.

Bilbo Baggins
28th October 2001, 08:48
Originally posted by griffinn
Should French has really been selected as the international language instead of English?


28th October 2001, 08:49
um.....they've tried to create an international language.... Esperanto.....

In any case, English will dominate the world- why? Because it is the language of technology.

Centuries ago, Italy was the center of classical music and opera- and italian became the language of music- phrases like "Aria, Pizzicato, Piano, Intermezzo" and so forth are all straight italian.

Now, most important technology companies are based in the US (Microsoft, IBM, Sun, Oracle and so forth) Most of the world's most important and wisespread technology comes from the US (i.e. the Internet) As technology becomes more widespread, people who wish to use it will be forced to at least learn rudimentary English. English words like "E-mail" "Internet" "Computer" are being adopted into other languages.

English is the dominant language of the Web and E-Commerce- this also serves to make it more pervasive and useful.

29th October 2001, 18:56
Originally posted by griffinn
We get signal!!

Someone set up us the bomb... :rolleyes: