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28th October 2001, 19:59
I was introduced to Winamp several years ago. My dad, who is the acting manager for the computer services of a college, brought home a CD he burned at the office containing a hundred or so mp3s, and Winamp. Okay, so Winamp wasn't exactly perfect back then, but as a boy with an age written as a single digit, I really didn't care about stuff like that. Like father like son, I also became a computer buff and a music lover. Why should you care about this? As I realized the potential of computers, I also realized that Nullsoft is a great bunch of guys making a sweet software mp3 player. Only several days ago, my friend informed me Winamp 3 beta was out. I was excited! This would be great, I thought. Duh.

I just returned from my friend's house. He downloaded Winamp 3. It sucked. Okay, it had bugs. I realize it's only beta. I haven't any problems with that. The interface was much too overdone, almost tacky. On my friend's Pentium 4, the tracks skipped about while the computer was IDLE. It makes me wonder how it would perform on my Pentium 2 MMX, 200Mhz. I used to think Nullsoft kept every user in mind. I guess not. Winamp was such a professional player - no crap. I loved being able to double-click any part of the top bar and minimizing the windows. In fact, the only window that was ever on my desktop was the playlist. I didn't need anything else (no crap, remember) because I use shortcuts. Any efficient computer user does. I had Ctrl+Shift+J open Winamp, despite what window was open. Z, X, C, V, B was back, play, pause, stop, and next respectively. All the controls for the playlist were clustered together at the bottom. The track and playlist lengths were conveniently shown at the bottom. Alt+F4 closed the player. Straightforward, logical, easy to use. I had Winamp minimize into the system tray. Okay, so I'm extremely minimalist and a complete control freak. One could, however, expand the windows just as much as I like to hide them. That way, anybody could customize their player as they like. My friend told me it was a beta so they could receive some feedback. Yah. Uhuh.

I apologize for the criticism here; I just don't want to lose the only good player left. Many of my friends use Winamp, and all of them are disappointed in the new version. I'm not your only dissatisfied user. So, please, don't change Winamp. Fix the bugs from the old version (2.77?) Make it more processor and RAM efficient. Make the menus load faster, but PLEASE DON'T change it!

It would be nicer if you guys removed the extra crap. The links all over the place are too much. Don't worry guys; we know how to get to the websites of the greatest player around. Nobody ever uses the Minibrowser; scrap it. What's with skin change and bookmarks being in 10 places in the menu? Once is fine. It's as annoying as hearing something from two parents twice. Okay? No links. I like the fact that you guys don't junk up the player with advertisements. However, please rid of the unnecessary bells and whistles. Make it a bare essential player; the same way a Ferrari is a bare essential driving machine. Of course, leave the plug-in and skin support. Those are fine. I have only two skins, but I think both are superb. I don't spend much time searching for them, because functionality is what matters, then aesthetics can be considered. I do spend time on finding good plug-ins. My skins are Zeus and Fossil 2002. Two refined skins that show the art of computer graphics. It would be nice if you guys gave the standard Winamp a better base skin. The skin on v3 beta was better, but the buttons and overall interface was changed. Just the skin, please. Do note, any function not mentioned is PERFECT. There are no changes needed.

I have used Sonique, MusicMatch Jukebox, Windows Media Player, Audion (Mac), iTunes (Mac), Jet-Audio, Lava, and every other media player available. What I disliked about any of these players was corrected in Winamp. I know Winamp is good. No, no, it's PERFECT. Please, maintain the exclusivity the same way Bentley Motors does in comparison to Toyota. I have nothing against Toyota, but it's just not as nice as a Bentley, or an AMG Mercedes, or an M BMW, or a Paramount Jaguar, or an Acura RSX, or Porsche Carrera GT... Get the point? Please keep things nice.


Bilbo Baggins
28th October 2001, 21:18

28th October 2001, 21:47
:p Hehehehe! Hehehehe! Nobody can... :p

28th October 2001, 22:21
:cool: :p Okay, true. It is only freeware. But the guys ARE asking for feedback. It's the only good player out there. The others aren't as good. If Winamp changes then I won't have anything good to play my music from. Noooo... I can't let that happen. This is war! J/K.

John M
28th October 2001, 23:35
heh. and remember, it is betaware. they depend on dissatisfied customers like you to give feedback so that they can make the release versions mo bettah.

29th October 2001, 22:14
Hey Sawg! Thanx for the advice. You're the Winamp guy, right? I'm only replying now because I've been offline (I live in the Middle East). Hope you get to read this. Maybe you guys can throw in more support to those guys who do wan't to strip down Winamp. Options like that will help myself and my friends buy WA3.

PS. In another discussion, I mentioned I wished that Winamp's jump to time function be allowed to cut within the closest 100th of a second (at least 10th), as I usually can't get a clean enough cut while DJ-ing. To the closest second isn't good enough. I realize this request probably doesn't belong here, but it was virtually ignored in the other discussion.

30th October 2001, 00:54
For fuck's sake, don't complain about something 'till it's final :p

And don't blame a player for your friend not having the right soundcard drivers or having too many programs running.

1st November 2001, 17:39
Winamp3 is only a beta.
It will never replace Winamp2
The guys are just trying to make a new player with more versatile skinning and other goodies.
If you don't use it, don't dis it!

1st November 2001, 19:14
idea: change title of this thread to prevent it from attracting more trolls/flamers.