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Bill Sellars
2nd November 2001, 18:39
Fuck XP, yes I said fuck XP. I spent $200.00 on the lousy damn thing and it is so propritary that it won't let me install Vista Scan that I need for my scanner to work. It won't let WinAmp 2.7 run and their stinking Windows Media Player breaks up and sounds awful when I play my MP3's. anyone know something I don't. If so email me at pops2@flash.net

John M
2nd November 2001, 20:35
damn. that sux. i say call tech support until you get an answer.

p.s. vista scan is a piece of shit. i have it and i cant stand it!

p.p.s. what are your system specs?

Bilbo Baggins
2nd November 2001, 21:17
My Winamp runs fine on XP. Have you checked the file association settings haven't been tampered with on install.

3rd November 2001, 01:11
My winamp works fine on xp too. My sujection would be to make sure your sound card settings are right. When I first got xp, I had some trouble with winamp. It turned out to be my sound card.

3rd November 2001, 01:29
yeah check your soundcard. winamp works fine on XP for me.

3rd November 2001, 20:02
I'm actually enjoying Windows XP a great deal, but then I am using the beta RC 1 still. (this also saved my 190 of those dollars by the way) Every beta release after that drove my system crazy, so I can't say for everyone how software ran on that.

I did have a scanner problem, but the purchase of a cheap USB scanner fixed that problem as it was only related to parallel port use.

Winamp Runs Wonderfully on the other hand, and the only wish I have for XP at this point is that it were as easy to skin (jeez, like what up with that PlayDough wannabe default???)

15th November 2001, 04:26
My XP works fine with winamp. my computer came with XP. the sound card was a trick,as the original sound is inigrated on this HP computer and i had to shut off all sound in the computer first.
now the printer is another story. You need Windows XP compatible
driver for the printer. you'll have to call the manufacturer for that if they have it out yet. that was a problem for me, and when I did get the driver, it lock me up and did it three times before I shit canned the xerox and got the hp. xerox sucked. and hp can be touchy. But mine seems to work good.

You know, I did also download and updated driver for my soundcard.

You could try that. Check for it at [URL=http://www.soundblaster.com]

There is a quicker link, just can't find it right now.

hope you get it fixed.

Bilbo Baggins
16th November 2001, 00:15
I don't trust those drivers. Until they can be bothered to create a version that works properly, i am not going to download anymore versions.

16th November 2001, 00:31
Vista scan does work in Windows 2000/XP, all you do is goto their help on "Windows 2000 and USB" and follow the instructions and download the latest version of VistaScan, I know for a fact it does work on my computer, btw, you dont need vistascan anymore on XP, since it auto find and supports all usb scanners, you can even do a scan from paint!. As for the sound, XP sc***d my built in sound card and it makes sever crunching noises when playing any songs from any player.

16th November 2001, 16:33
Sorry about the sc***d onboard sound card. Maybe theres a glitch
in you're BIOS or sysconfig file(s). Microsoft might help you.
As for SB cards, Creative has updated drivers for all there cards,
And they have fixed most all plugin problems, such as "gen_nomad.dll." After seeing that bitch forum, I checked my files
and it wasn't there. But my soundcard is new, and they had already
fixed the problem.

17th November 2001, 01:16
Dell is going to send me free a XP upgrade:P

20th November 2001, 03:20
Listen to this...

ok, i did a FULL install of Windows Xp, and btw, my camera worked under win Me, so anyways i hook up the camera and it reconizes it somewhat, and then i try to access the camera and it tells me to format the disk in the drive, but the thing is, i have pictures on the camera, i emailed HP about this, and they make me out to be a f*ckin moron and ask me if the camera is on.. and btw, i told them in the email that the camera says PC, but i guess i must be a moron..
this goes on about 20 more times when they finally just stopped responding to my emails, heh, Windows XP reconizes it as a Drive, but it will not let me access the pictures on it, and according to HP WinXp Does work in the 315 camera, any suggestions from anybody?

besides call hp because thier tech support is long distance unless I want to pay MONEY and get a 800 number,

I have reinstalled WinXp
I have uninstalled the camera, then restarted then let it reconize it again and still does the same thing
I have done everything they have told me to do, but alas nothing works,

Any suggestions would be helpfull

Thanks in advance

24th November 2001, 23:21
This is what you get for PAYING for a copy of your OS...

25th November 2001, 01:09
I Unwilling called HP because my wife was bitching at me, and it takes them 20 minutes to get on the f*cking phone, and then I told them my situation, and the rep gets all pissy, and types something in to his computer and his answer was......

I understand the error message 'drive not formatted, do you wish to
format now' is displayed when using the HP PhotoSmart 315 Digital

From the symptoms you describe, we suspect an unknown error causes
your operating system to misinterpret the card capacity from the HP
PhotoSmart Digital Camera.

Unfortunately, we don't have a solution for this situation at this
time and can only offer these workarounds to resolve it.

1. Use a Windows 2000/XP compatible Compact Flash Card Reader.

2. Limit the capacity of additional cards to 32MB or less.

3. Download images to a Windows 98/Me computer.

We do not recommend that you let Windows 2000 or XP format the card
because it will reduce the card capacity to 32MB. If this occurs,
format the card again using the format function in the camera.

If you need further assistance, please reply to this message. You
may also find technical and troubleshooting information along with
software updates, on our HP Customer Care web site at


Best regards,
HP Customer Solutions Team

Then the bastard says, have i answered all your questoins with a cock attitude....

And i said, well... my question was answered but, it was not solved, then the little prick said, Sorry to hear that, Thanks for calling, then hung up