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2nd November 2001, 19:39
alright, i'm new to this whole forum thingie, so i apologize if i'm howling about something that's already been howled about, but i've gotta say - those user opinion posts for the skins. what kind of ignorant yaks are writing some of these?? many of them don't even seem to be in english! now, i'm not complaining about the people who actually have something to say, or even those who are trying hard but really can't spell ( not one of my strong points,either), but what's with these people who are saying " ha ha u suk"? why are you using your time to mock someone else's work? why not go do something useful, or at least entertaining? i love skins, and i have a large collection of them on my computer, but these comments are becoming so irritating that i'm tempted to stop downloading skins at all, just so i don't have to see the wonders of undereducation anymore.

*deep breaths*.... alright, i'm better now.

now, i'm glad that people are being given a chance to discuss what's out there, and i'm all for free speech. for the people who say something intelligent, yay! now what about everyone else? is this bothering other people? any ideas?

-the shadow lady

Mr Jones
3rd November 2001, 21:06
One word.


4th November 2001, 06:16
i agree completely, people who leave those type of irritating comments should be inflicted the worst sort of torture, maybe do the clockwork orange thing where we force their eyes open and make them watch some horrific thing (like goatse or something) until they have learned their lesson

Bilbo Baggins
4th November 2001, 08:59
Why don't we just send them round to my place for a "one on one"