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4th November 2001, 08:26
I don't get it.

One day I think about leaving, now all the upper management for the company of the Theater I work for are all being dumbasses and shit while I work 50+ hours per week!! There are the top 3: one of them doesn't give a shit if I leave or not (fuck him anyways), One is trying to do all he can to keep me there, and the other one (The fucking CEO for christs sake!) sits on his ass and watches and doesnt do shit about it!

And here I am waiting for them to make the decision if they are gonna keep me or not! All I ask for is a tiny raise because if it wasn't for me, the damn theater wouln't be running. Not to mention health and dental benefits. I am over 18 and work WAY more than 40 hours a week, so there shouldnt be any freakin problem to give me benefits. On top of that, back in May I was supposed to get a raise to $9.50 an hour, but the letter from my then manager never got to the lady in charge of company payroll. I am trying to get one of the upper management (the one who wants to keep me) to make sure that raise gets tacked onto my next paycheck. Of course he is the laziest out of the 3 and there is a fat chance I will see that raise soon.

He swears that I'm gonna get this raise and maybe even promoted soon and get put on Salary ($3,000 month :)), but THERE HAS BEEN ABSOLUTELY NO FUCKING PROGRESS WHATSOEVER in any of this stuff happening. I WANT ANSWERS SOON GODDAMMIT!! I can't afford to be sitting on my ass when I could be making so much more money somewhere else. If they are gonna make me House Manager, then I WANT TO SEE SOME FUCKING PROGRESSION! :mad:

Bilbo Baggins
4th November 2001, 09:01
Was it put in writingthat you would get this raise, or was it just word of mouth?

4th November 2001, 09:17
it was in a letter to the person who does the paychecks from the then manager, so yeah, according to her she never got it. :rolleyes:

Bilbo Baggins
4th November 2001, 11:10
I thinks its coz your black. Are you black?

4th November 2001, 16:40
Originally posted by Bilbo Baggins
I thinks its coz your black. Are you black?LMFAO! Nope, he isn't.

Bilbo Baggins
4th November 2001, 20:55
How do you know?

John M
4th November 2001, 22:35
hes posted a pic before.

work for me isnt that bad. i like it beacuse my bosses arent idiots and the people i work with are cool. (customers can be bitches,th0. i got a paycheck, and for 22.6 hours of labor i got $114 or so. uncle sam has a very heavy hand, so to speak.

5th November 2001, 03:13
He's Hispanic! Theatre chain managers don't trust Hispanically-owned branches!

5th November 2001, 07:33
bzzt! wrong!

I am 110% white trash! :)

This fuckin sucks though, I just got done working a full day (12 hour) shift, and I gotta wake up again in 10 hours for another 8 hour shift. :/ This is getting really fucking annoying.