View Full Version : Propaganda Still Not Fixed

5th November 2001, 20:35
Hey is it just me or does anyone notice that the proaganda worked for little bit after they said they fixed but now it still quits loading before it comes up on the main page!...Just wondering if it is screwed up again or its just me.

6th November 2001, 01:56
works fine over here 'tube... try refreshing, or restarting the old computador.

6th November 2001, 04:27
Works for me too!!

7th November 2001, 01:38
It also works for me.

Mr Jones
7th November 2001, 08:32
It's part of a top secret Nullsoft project, the "Now_U_C_1T_nOw_u_DON7 (alpha lucky777!)" device that the team are secretly developing to brain wash the minds of the masses into seeing things that might be there, or there again might not be, mind control no less.

Can we all say "subliminal messages"?, oh yes ;)

Ooops, I've let the secret out now, Steve and Denny will be around shortly in the black car to take me for a ride into the desert :eek:

7th November 2001, 10:28
I hear the desert is good this time of the year.. :rolleyes:

7th November 2001, 23:01
Yeah I knew it would be those Nullsoft's Kids up to not good with there sublimenal messages and mind control....hehehe

7th November 2001, 23:12
Just saying somthing to see if my picutre/signature is workin...lol