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6th November 2001, 18:59
WHY!! Get your act together, winamp. Please add a function to the playlist that enables us to queue the next song from the playlist when it is on shuffle. I have all my songs on the one playlist and sometimes I want to select a specific song to follow the one I am currently listening to, without having to rearange my whole playlist order, or waiting until the song finishes and then clicking on my choice. A simple right click on the title in the playlist window with the words play next would be great.


(Of course if this does already exist; DOH!!! :eek: and please tell me how)

6th November 2001, 21:48
That's great, but it doesn't work if the playlist is on shuffle. I'm looking for something that will simply play the selected song once, without actually changing it's position with the playlist.

7th November 2001, 11:02
GREAT, Thanks!:)

30th November 2001, 15:47
Is there any way to clear this queue once it has been set?

30th November 2001, 18:18
Alt click again SHOULD work

30th November 2001, 20:40
No, because alt-clicking more tracks adds them to the queue. Is there a certain place that you alt-click to clear the queue?

30th November 2001, 21:10
Alt+Clicking on a Queued track should dequeue it. It *should* the feature seems a little messed in B2