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11th November 2001, 22:06
You're right...my last post was useless....1000 pardons

Just getting a little frustrated over the bugginess of the WA3 beta. It seems like the Linux version is somewhat of an afterthought or a fun side project for your Linux tinkerers. I LOVE Winamp for windows and was excited to see a Linux version coming. Well, I installed the Linux beta and was pretty disappointed (seg faults, giant text, poor performance, buggy interface). Grudgingly had to fire XMMS back up (good product but lacks many of the nice features of WA).

I realize that WA3 is still in beta stage and I hope that the final version for Linux has the probs worked out.



19th November 2001, 02:20
linamp is the most idiotic word i've ever read

30th November 2001, 20:24
I can see it now when people STILL don't drop the linamp name like they're supposed to...

yo, I had linamp and kword running and suddenly I tried to get out the gimp and my system segged... damn linamp won't play with the gimp...

anyone else reminded of pulp fiction?


30th November 2001, 20:31
moved (from wa3dev forum). this is a better place for this kind of discussion.

30th November 2001, 23:26
have you tried running it with WinE?

1st December 2001, 00:55
the port is rather lousy, i don't it consider nearly equilvalent to any wa3 alpha release

Sorry, xmms will prolly remain on top for a looong time :p

1st December 2001, 01:05
It's Alpah1, did you use (or attempt to use) Alpha1 for W32, besides it is based off of Alpha 667 code base