View Full Version : The equalizer still sucks!!!

12th November 2001, 22:46
I used to love winamp, until WMP7. It has the best equalizer and best sound reproduction I have heard, and I downloaded Winamp3 with some hope, but the sound still isn't nice enough.

But then again, Winamp3 is only a beta.

12th November 2001, 23:04
Download DSP Dee

It'll make almost anything sound better.

John M
13th November 2001, 00:00
hehe. that thing can add so much bass.

13th November 2001, 20:13
Originally posted by John M
hehe. that thing can add so much bass.

Aww yeah :p

*head spins*

27th November 2001, 18:32
Wow!Thing also works pretty well, although I don't know that you could necessarily call it an equalizer. It's more of an enhancer. Sounds pretty damn nice on my subwoofer :-D Hardly any distortion, although it kicks up the treble a bit much, but you can easily work around that.