View Full Version : winamp2.77

13th November 2001, 20:56
I have had winamp many a times before and i had to reformat my comp and I needed to get it again but this time my winamp skips the tracks like every song it pisses me right off!!!NO the songs skip like as if they had a scratch in a cd I know all about shuffle
anybody elses doing this?? if so get a hold of me by email

13th November 2001, 21:08
press "S" to turn off shuffle.

13th November 2001, 22:07
1. Stop any virus killers you've got running. That worked amazingly well for me, and lots of other people (Thanks Sawg)

2. WinME? I think System Restore is a major culprit here but I may be wrong. ME is shit anyway I should know:(

3. Elucidate your problem clearly and employ correct grammar and punctuation. :)