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17th November 2001, 06:01
Augh. It's that time again for me to become all spastic and anally-retentive about proper grammar. This one little word blunder always manages to boil my blood. Why is it that people simply refuse to be consistent? augh!

17th November 2001, 06:43
I put virii in the same category as boxen and pr0n.

I call that category "geeks spell in mysterious ways".

17th November 2001, 15:16
Virii is the proper word. Only schmucks would say viruses.

17th November 2001, 15:23
Hmm, isn't "schmuck" a Jewish word?
You be Jewish? If so, greetings from Israel. ;)

17th November 2001, 15:27
Originally posted by NeoRenegade
Virii is the proper word.

No, it is not.

Bilbo Baggins
17th November 2001, 16:22
I agree with RM.

17th November 2001, 17:40
I jsut used virii cause I couldn't remember if it was virus, viruses, or whatever. I used the easiest to type :)

Bilbo Baggins
17th November 2001, 22:56

Cactus = Cacti (plural)
so it woudl make sense following that that

Virus = Viri(i)

John M
18th November 2001, 04:07
how bout i stick some cacti in your viri!

18th November 2001, 05:00
Do fungi grow in ani?

Bilbo Baggins
18th November 2001, 16:02
Me and my minions make our get aways in our Loti

Ok, so my argument was crap.

18th November 2001, 21:28
Originally posted by N e m e s s i s

:eek: - Gotta ask my woman what's the right way to say now :D.


19th November 2001, 03:22
Clits. I suppose.

hmmm... clitori actually sounds right

chiquita chad
19th November 2001, 03:46
then why do the they call it Dodge Stratus?
shouldnt it be Dodge Strati?

19th November 2001, 04:17
More than one would be Dodge Strati.