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20th November 2001, 00:42
Satanist professors

When my algorithms professor mentioned we were starting the section of class that she wrote her doctorial theses on I was scared shitless. My fears were confirmed today when we got the homework for the section. It is harder then all other assignments for that class combined, and we only have two weeks to do it instead of the normal three or four. I hate dense professors who think because the find something easy everyone else should too. I used to like this professor, but now she sucks this year.

Of course I still have the same challenge that I do with all other assignments, tiring to read it. Apparently my university has very low admission standards, mastery of English is apparently not one of them. I could bring my assignment to the English department and make an English teacher cry. The entire compute science department are crawling with these middle easterners on student visas. They write good code and pass all the classes, just can't comprehend anything else they write or say. Of course, for most Satanist professors, these are the perfect people to hire to write assignments.

20th November 2001, 04:00
Sometimes the language in my assignments can make the all-your-base ship captain cry.

Bilbo Baggins
20th November 2001, 09:54
I got shouted at by my IT teacher today because she couldn't read my handwriting. She expects me to change it.


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20th November 2001, 18:53
NuLoser - why don't you post the problem for us - maybe we can help you.

P.S. What are you studying?

20th November 2001, 19:47
I am in Computer Systems Engineering. The class is Algorithms. We are doing Graph Theory right now.