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sci fi snake
23rd November 2001, 01:10
whoever invented skinning programs needs to die a horrible death. they create nothing but horrible, ugly, unorigional amps. if you go look through all the new skins, you find hundreds upon hundreds of these awful things. it is almost a task to find an origional amp among them. it is very painful to see all these amps taking up space here that no doubt took no time at all to make, when people like me spend hours upon hours slaving over an amp just to have it burried among all the crap and never to be found. it just makes me so mad, i hope others feel the same way.

23rd November 2001, 02:21
I totally agree. If you work and slave over a good skin, it should not get buried in a pile of crap no effort skins.

23rd November 2001, 07:18
Yeah, skinning should not be altogether THAT easy.
But look at it like this: If your skins are better than those ones (and I hope they are:p), they'll probably get a higher rating, and thus, should end up with the highly rated ones, kind of, for people who search those with high rating and so on. blah. :)

sci fi snake
23rd November 2001, 19:20
yeah, thats the only thing that sets the good ones from the crappy ones apart. and think if you gave a donkey photoshop and a carrot, he could make a better skin than those awful programs.

and yes, my skins are better than that crap. my last skin got 4 stars from winamp, so i was pretty happy with that.

Bilbo Baggins
23rd November 2001, 20:20
What you do have to remember though is that not everyone has the knowledge or skill to use a program like Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro to the level of skill needed to make a winamp skin. I am one of these, and i use a Skinning Program wheni want to make a skin.

While i agree with your sentinents, i do not think that it merited a rant :p

24th November 2001, 19:00

They're not all bad. This one, although it hasn't been updated in ages, is very easy to make custom templates for, which allows you to make semi-good skins if you have no skill.

26th November 2001, 05:07
ive got absolutely **NO** photoshop skillz as of now...
so, i use a skinner to generate buttons hat i later edit to my preference...

as soon as i can learn to use photoshop worth a damn, the skinner is goin byebye..

you can't do everything you want with a skinner, so they actually limit what you can do.

sci fi snake
26th November 2001, 08:01
my problem with them, though, is that they all look the same. sure, they might have a different background, or something else, but you can always tell it came from a skinning program. you are limited to a certin number of things you can change, or alter if you don't go in and do it yourself. i guess that i am just picky, but i can't stand to see the same amp over and over again. using a skinner to set it up is ok, i guess, but you have to add some custon flare to it.

if you want a good program to make skins with, try paint shop pro. i find it much easier to use than photoshop, and has most of the cool things you are going to want when making a skin.

Mr Jones
26th November 2001, 10:01
Skin tools, useful tool or spawn of Satan? Take a look at any section of the Winamp skins database. What's the predominant theme you notice within each category? The answer is skin tool generated skins, or "skinner skins" as they are more affectionately known in the skin artists community.

The question that gets repeatedly asked amongst experienced skinners and the general downloading public is "why does Winamp.com publish these two-minute wonders?" After all, most people don't want to download them, it makes the skin section harder to browse, makes the database too large, and hides the really decent skins amongst the pack.

There are a number of reasons why someone would create a skin using a tool in the first place, but the most important one is that skinning meant to be FUN!

The prospect of making a skin with a picture of your cat, girlfriend or flashy sports car on it, then getting it published on the biggest skin site on the Net where it is downloaded by thousands of people is a big thing!

"Hey look Mom, our dog Skippy on the Internet!"

OK, so this pet doesn't have the greatest design layout in the world, it's not original in its concept and it looks like 10,000 other skins out there, but to Skip's owner it's a big deal that 20 people have downloaded him It makes him happy. He had fun making the skin, and that's the important.

The thing to remember here is, not everyone is a great artist, blessed with the talent to sit down with an art package and create the digital equivalent of a Renoir, as a point of note, not everyone has high-grade art packages available to them, and not everyone needs them. Can anyone seriously say they bought a copy of Photoshop just so they can make a Winamp skin? I think not. Packages of this nature tend to be used by people who work in other areas of graphic design, and see Winamp skins as another fun way to pass the time. To the guy who wants to put a picture of Skip the dog on his Winamp player for his friends and family, it would be crazy to spend massive amounts of money just that one purpose.

So Skip's owner is happy. He's got a skin he likes, because now he can see Skip whenever he listens to his favorite MP3 or SHOUTcast station. He's published on the biggest skin site on the Net, and a few people have taken the time to download and use his little slice of eye candy.

But that's not the only reason skin tools exist, there is a flip side of the coin with skinning tools, and that is they are a great way to learn how the nuts and bolts of a skin come together. To someone who's never skinned Winamp before the base skin and how it all fits together is a daunting thing to be faced with - what does this bit do, where does that sit, how does that work, etc. Etc. The skin tool in this case can be used as a good starting point to see how things work. Some of the best skinners out there learnt their trade while using a skinning tool, who's to say that the creator of "skip the dog" wont learn from his first skin and move onto bigger and better things somewhere down the line?

A skinning tool is just that - a tool to help get the job done. Even now, some skinners out there use skin tools to help cut up images for laying onto Winamp, although you would be hard pressed to get anyone to admit to that in public. The stigma attached to using a skinner is pretty huge, but why not use it in this fashion? After all it's just a tool like any other, it's just another weapon in the skinners arsenal. If it helps get the job done quicker, then hey that's a bonus. Who wants to spend 2 hours cutting up an image, when you can use a tool to do exactly the same job for you in five minutes? If you use it correctly it can work for you.

So next time you see a skinner skin on the database, ask yourself why it's there. It could be there because the author is using the tool to help further their understanding of how Winamp skins work, but it's more likely the author wanted to get his or her name in bright lights, and to share something with the world.

So give these guys a break, remember the famous Andy Warhol quote:

"In the future, everybody will be world famous for fifteen minutes."

So let these folks have their moment in the spotlight, after all this is a fun place, right?

Bilbo Baggins
27th November 2001, 09:51
My eyes....

29th November 2001, 22:34
After reading the very informative info about the use of the two minute wonders all I can say is...
They still suck.

Bilbo Baggins
29th November 2001, 23:10
Yes, yes they do, but have you got any skins to show us?

29th November 2001, 23:57
Well if they get published then yes but as for now, no.

30th November 2001, 00:03
Oh yea I almost forgot they are I say they are NOT two minute wonders.:cool:

sci fi snake
30th November 2001, 16:23
i agree that they suck, but i think 'ol mr jones is trying to say that that's not the point. i guess i understand the arguement, but i still don't like them.

30th November 2001, 20:48
Well I guess I see the arguement also.
Nothing against Mr. Jones or anyone else,
I just don't like filtering through 100's
of Skinner.exe's just to look at one that's
not a two or three minute wonder.
That's why I don't like them either.

1st December 2001, 05:34
IMHO skinner.exe suck.Yea I agree it's still easy to find 4 , 4.5 star skins.But what bout the others.I've got a few 4 stars that get probably 2-3 downloads a week.Come on.I hate these skinner.exe ones.Not enough skills to use a graphic software.Do you really want skins from such people?
Look at this my first skin - partly autoskinned got 30,000+ dowloads but my fantastic work of art on which I spent a lot of time got somethin like 4500 download.This sux.:(
Another horrible thing is people actually makin comments like "nice work on the buttons" for skinner.exe skin.Please give me a break!!

1st December 2001, 18:51

those templets from skinner bore me. I had to innovate
and modify it. BUT there is a flaw in the attempt :rolleyes:
the "invisible" part always appear. ag shame pls man:eek:

7th December 2001, 03:55
there should be a separate section for these crapwads. i just made my first skin, spent a LOT of time on it, went from photoshop to paint back and forth about 100 times. for real. i learned from scratch, took apart the bitmaps, made myself a little templateamp with primary colors with all of the active areas, and little notes in the spaces between the active ones in the bmp's. i found a lot of bugs in winamps skinning program. found ways to work around them. spent about 5 hours on the animated cursors alone. all modes blend perfectly and everything is seamless. it took me a long time, maybe 25 hours, starting from the base skin and no knowledge of skinning at all, all the way to having a very high class skin. i even half expect it to be featured, i mean, with the inconsistent picks for featured skins, i wouldnt be surprised. if afzs-pops made it up there solely on cursors mine amost has to. even my cursors kick 'the silences' cursors ass, and 'afzs-pops'. so i think i did pretty well for my first skin. i am very afraid of winamp reviewers just putting 'thank you for your submission' just because they need to get through a load of crap skins before the next load of crap skins gets submitted. and then my 30 hour skin would get buried under crappy garbage. i would be happy to write reviews for you guys, would make constructive criisism, because it seees like the lag for new skins is incerasing. please, post on how i can help out . you can find my skin at deviantart. com. heres the link, if i can get it to work http://sttaffy.deviantart.com/ If winamp .com continues down the drain, this site rocks for skins. its all digital art, and no crap skins! what? no crap!? what!? plus! fr all you real skinners out there, they post your skin instantly, yep, thats right.

sci fi snake
8th December 2001, 13:41
that's pretty slick sttaffy. pretty fucking sweet for a first amp. i think i might have to make deviantart the new home for my skins... winamp just gets me too angry sometimes, and it takes WAY too long to get a skin submitted, and you just to get a crappy comment like "approved." not the advice i'm looking for.

8th December 2001, 19:29
thanks!!! i didnt think anyone would like it... deviantart is great, and 1001winampskins.com is perty good, too. you only have to be approved for your first skin, then its instant. i like it!

9th December 2001, 17:03
Hey stttafffy kool first skin.
I've already switched to downloading skins only from devianart and 1001.Winamp.com is really annoying me.

Tom Klepl
13th December 2001, 05:06
I agree. If there weren't any skinner.exe skins, there would be room in the queue for real skins that people actually take the time to create.

15th December 2001, 01:12
what i don't understand is, what is the big deal. there are searches available so you don't have to see what you don't want to. i personally don't have the time to make "GREAT" skins. and believe it or not but there are people out there who just want a skin for the pic. who gives a sh!t if the buttons are different, maybe you do...I don't. I am a kottonmouth kings fan. when i got winamp there were 2 KMk skins. I wanted more and I know other KMK fans wanted more as well so i made them on, dare i say, a skinner! and its funny almost everyone i made I have been bitched at, even had ignorant e-mails. I laugh at it all, if you don't like them simply don't get them.

17th December 2001, 18:11
yagerb sorry but you sound unimaginative,boring,dumb,stupid,....blah blah blah.
I'm not posting jus to swear at you.My point is people who just want skinner.exe skins are unimaginative,boring,dumb,stupid,....blah blah blah.
Unless theyre new to winamp.
It wouldnt be so bad if the skinner skins were atleast good to look at.But 90%+ of them are horrible.

17th December 2001, 21:42
ok did you not read what i said. I DON"T CARE WHAT THEY ARE OR WHAT THEY ARE MADE OF!!! I like the pics. so piss off and DON'T GET THEM!!!........i hate hippies

sci fi snake
18th December 2001, 07:51
if you want to look at the picture, put it as your background, not on a skin. if it makes you happy, well fine, but skins can, nay, SHOULD be more than just a picture. making a good skins is a definite art, and takes a considerable amount of skill to make a good skin. it shouldnt take 20 minutes in a program to churn out something with the same buttons, same look, same boringness of every other skin you see. if you like the picture, thats cool, but how can you not want more? i think you would be very pleased to find a kottonmouth skin that someone put a lot of effort into and made it look good and origional. it is disapointing when you put a great deal of effort into a skin only to have it burried under 20,000 20-minute wonders. not to mention the fact that it takes a month and a half to get a skin submitted. it just annoys me to no end. so, while you may be pleased by the simple pleasures of a picture, just think about what it potentially could be, and why you should maybe keep your simple pleasures to yourself.

18th December 2001, 15:35
I think you have too much time on your hands. You need to get away from the computer for a while. Go outside. If all you have to care about is what other peole enjoy than you are nothing more than a punk. so how about this. If I feel a skin needs to be there so that my friends or anyone else who wants it can get it, then guess what........I will continue!!!

sci fi snake
19th December 2001, 04:36
this is just fucking ghey. it's people like you who ruined winamp.com. i encourage all of you TALENTED skinners to jump ship and go to deviantart.com, if you haven't already. i love that place, and it is truly a home for artists of all kinds. the people there are more than willing to help you make your skins better, where the only kind of comment i can get here is "omg! your skin rules! i am a stupid mule!." go to deviantart.com. you'll be glad you did.

deviantart.com (http://www.deviantart.com)

binary hero
31st December 2001, 16:59
I just think that it is a waste of time, it is OK if people want to make a skin about their dog, but please don't waste the time of the review team by publishing them. I have spent a long time trying to get my skin (http://binaryhero.4t.com/myskin.jpg), i don't see why any skinner skin should be judged along with it. It is unfair.

5th January 2002, 19:04
I guess if I want to bitch here I can.

I think we've been overrun by newbies who have discovered an easy way to make a skin. It's a power trip. The thing is, IMHO, it's cut & paste, while creating a real skin is art and design.

I say let them play if they want to, but put that stuff in its own section. Or put the non-skinner skins in their own section.

WinAmp should require something in the submission IDing whether it's a skinner skin. Then they could index the new skins category.

5th January 2002, 20:03
What pisses me off is that even though I created a skin on my own (yeah, I used a picture, but I created custom buttons and did the whole thing myself otherwise), I STILL got two stars from the staff- and hey look! This other skin that was created by a skinner.exe program got two stars also! And hey look again! My skin has gotten 600 downloads in just less than two weeks, and this skinner.exe skin has gotten 100 in several MONTHS!

Does this seem odd to anyone else? It sucks to get the same number of stars as a skinner when you put so much work into something (it was my first skin).

Bex :cry:

5th January 2002, 21:48
i think that you should build up some sort of anti skinner program to filter the crap out of this over populated skin system. If you want, i could contact nullsoft about it. Anyone????

5th January 2002, 22:17
Look, I don't know the first step in skinning a skin, but any idiot can tell when a skinner is used. 99% of the timethe skin is complete crap and some make you wonder which drug they were on when they used the skinner to make it in the first place. Like those skins of all those feet *cringes* THAT was just frickin sick. I guess the best thing nullsoft could do is make a search option that would bypass all skinner skins. What do you think?

6th January 2002, 03:52
Seems to me this whole anti-skinner issue is just another way for the "good skinners" to stroke their own egos... let it rest, guys!

6th January 2002, 14:23
Originally posted by pukkaboy
i think that you should build up some sort of anti skinner program to filter the crap out of this over populated skin system. If you want, i could contact nullsoft about it. Anyone????

Oh, please please please please please! Some of those skinner skins make my toes curl. Especially when this division is so clear-cut, it's not fair to inflict having to look at them on people who don't want to.

6th January 2002, 17:54
Originally posted by Freshmen44
Look, I don't know the first step in skinning a skin, but any idiot can tell when a skinner is used. 99% of the timethe skin is complete crap and some make you wonder which drug they were on when they used the skinner to make it in the first place. Like those skins of all those feet *cringes* THAT was just frickin sick. I guess the best thing nullsoft could do is make a search option that would bypass all skinner skins. What do you think?

First they need to fix the search, then they can add the feature to bypass certain categories such as generated.

8th January 2002, 07:39
maybe you're not making a clear enough destinction between those programs that take a simple picture and crank out a skin, and those that take a -custom- image or two or three, and simply arrange the parts into the bmp's winamp uses. like someone (important) said, why do somehting in an hour that a program could do in 5 minutes... I only wish the art to be original and creative, i don't really care how the actual skin was made.