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23rd November 2001, 08:34
personaly the most enjoyable part (or should be enjoyable) is the abilty to change the skin of winamp, ...... BUT is it just me or is it getting to a point when im using the default skin 99.999% of the time! the skins ppl are making these days are patetic! if i see one more crappy anime skin or skin of some chick laying or sitting i will go crazy! or even worse the ppl that think that alpha chanel is the way to go and you end up with something that looks horable on the desktop and is choppy when you move it. and looking threw the skin database on winamp.com takes like 3 hours to find a acceptable skin to use. now i have never made a skin and ppl like FlyEr (maker of Audiere v1.0) have my upmost respect for making a clean functional skin .. but the majority of ppl are making some serious crap! i mean is it just me that feels let down by the way the skins look these days or is this felt all over?

23rd November 2001, 08:46
New version of winamp with a new way to skin and blah is coming, it's just a matter of time.
Hopefully we won't see them crappy skins then. :)
At least not for a while.. :rolleyes:

23rd November 2001, 08:58
yeah i downloaded the winamp3 beta and the skins that are up and was greatly suprised at what was being done .... but i got my $20 on that even after its released we will see the same crap being put out =[

23rd November 2001, 08:59
Yes, but it will take some time before those that lack skill will be able to produce their crap. :rolleyes:

23rd November 2001, 09:04
yeah tru dat

and who knows the ppl that rate the skins may actually give them "just" scoring and not give 5 stars to some lame skin

but who knows

23rd November 2001, 09:11
The reviewers are (should be) trustworthy.
The problem is: user reviews. :rolleyes:

23rd November 2001, 09:23
I have never produced a crap skin (save one i never published)
That one you finally found was CaesarAmp right? :)

23rd November 2001, 09:52
nah the one i wasnt talking about any particular skin.
and .. well haha good for you but trying to find a skin like yours (im assuming you have good taste and made a good skin) is impossible for 2 reasons

1) the search on winamp sucks
2) winamp os full of skins that do suck

23rd November 2001, 09:55
Yeah, search CAN be a little bitchy sometimes, but at least it works somewhat as it should.. at least the plug-ins section search works.. :rolleyes:

23rd November 2001, 09:57
haha some what
thats the understatement of the year
ive tried typing in the exact name of the skin

search replyied

We're sorry, your search did not return any results.

thats .. about the most annyoing thing about finding skins here

23rd November 2001, 09:59
Okay then, bitchy as hell! :p
Well well, I'll be going out for lunch now, later folks. :)

I'll try to find a link to a good skin and post it later on too. :)

23rd November 2001, 10:00
lol lunch
its 5:10am here ... maybe i should think about going to bed

tried too thats another thing to bitch at

whats up with that?!?

ps if you find a good site that has *nice* skins yeah please post a link

23rd November 2001, 10:10
lookst like its to late for the crap wa3 skining issue

bad bad BAD wa3 skin (http://forums.winamp.com/attachment.php?postid=384389)

thats .. horable

23rd November 2001, 10:24
LOL the search does indeed suck

so here are the links :p

Edo Shikaku (A Winamp Featured Skin)
Patent Pending


Mr Jones
23rd November 2001, 10:35
You missed one X, would you like me to fill in the blanks ;) mwahahahahah ;)

23rd November 2001, 10:37
Hey, I originally stated one I neve published you... mean thing;)

23rd November 2001, 11:14

I've used it. Not right now though, although I have to admit I really like this skin. :)

23rd November 2001, 16:51
(ok no more yelling ill lose my voice)

but see specially the one jns posted .. it was horable .. when .. can you ever really use that on your desktop .. that .. fits in with NOTHING and then with all the alpha .. its just .. bad VERY VERY BAD (yes i know i said no more yelling)! the ceaser ones werent that bad .. they were atleast .. "clean" but .. who wants the leader of rome looking at them while they are listening to static-x or pantera? i mean it just .. is wrong.

and the real problem is this (let me tell you) is that ppl cant come up with a good original idea. i personal dont make skins (as i said eariler) but i do make maps for quake 3, graphics, ect .. ect .. and i know its hard to come up with a really good creative idea .. but that doesnt mean in the meantime till you get that good idea you release things like this into the community
all things evil (http://www.winamp.com/skins/detail.jhtml?componentId=83536)
go look at that
do you see what crap that is ?!? does the creator even .. look at what he has done when he released that? please tell me hes blind .. or 3 years old

now a good example of a nice skin (not the best i still have problems with it) is the spyamps
classic example (http://www.winamp.com/skins/detail.jhtml?componentId=11641)
thats .. a good looking skin .. funtional .. dark .. nice buttons ect .. thats what ppl need to make more of (not more spy amps theres like 100 versions of it already but nice skins)

and with that .. as jns said eariler
"Well well, I'll be going out for lunch now"
couldnt say it better my self

23rd November 2001, 23:09
i too share in your hatred for a majority of the skins at the winamp site, and since they have made it next to impossible to navigate through, i just tend to stay away from it altogether...

check out these sites for quality skins:
www.deskmod.com (will be up again soon)

24th November 2001, 03:04
yeah those sites are aight better then the winamp skin dir. (directory for those who never worked in dos) but still does .. quiet scratch that itch in the middle of my back if you understand?

after looking over those sites posted above (thanks to Boplicity) it gave me the crazy idea that .. maybe i should moerate a souly winamp skin site that .. went over the skins with a more "fine toothed comb" if you will .. acepting the good and throwing the rest away. course then i would need

01) some one who does php and mysql
02) someone to host it like http://www.winamp.com/skindirectory or something like that (just an idea to anyone on winamp.com that might be looking =P )
03) and then a few .. trustworthy reviewers that know a good skin from .. well frankly crap skins

.. but who knows this could all just be another fruitless idea just so frustrating looking at some skins .. and .. getting motion sickness from them but just incase its not if you think you fall in under one of those say something on this thread who knows it may just come to gether

24th November 2001, 03:36
Thank you very much, I listen to classical not... pantera... and I think cultural motifs and the "Leader of Rome" (It's Tiberius Caesar Augustus in the skin BTW) go very well with music. :o

24th November 2001, 04:40
(BTW yes i knew who it was a tribute to we all had our world history in 10 grade) and cannibal courpse to classical rock and roll to rachmaninoff (get it lil thing "c" band to c gener rock gener to rach composer .. anyways) sure the skin may be nicely done (im assuming its yours?) its just .. literaly to much .. i personly dont like the buttons they .. are to large almost for the rest of it and the vis on the main window ties into nothing .. ect ect .. now .. i am being nit-pickety .. but thats just personally how i am about things like that .. like windows xp great os so far .. still a lil buggy but for the most part its pertty stong .. but the "xp theme" is just horable .. less then .. i would say 5 min into using it .. the theme was off and if i could i would have deleted it .. and iw as back to using the win2k theme .. now dont get me wrong sure xp looks great (cough cough my ass a green start button and the diff colors on the close minimize and window buttons i litterally wanted to hurl) but i need something clean and functional and something that is .. well worked .. everything ties in together .. and thats something you dont see every day in a skin

lol if i have insulted anyone .. dont feel bad i am just like that .. my boss even gets the brute force of my rage

24th November 2001, 05:30
oh and while im in a bitchy mood let me say this! a skin should ONLY BE POSTED UNDER 1 CATAGORY! im soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sick of seeing the same skins over and over .. the skins that should be in anime find thier way into computer / os and the other way around