View Full Version : viruses sent to winamp email

27th November 2001, 14:45
I've been getting emails with the Sircam virus sent to my winamp
email address about every day now. Is everyone having this problem?
Did someone hack the mailing list? This address has only been given
to winamp for registration so its not coming from anywhere else.

Mr Jones
27th November 2001, 14:54
The sircam virus harvests email addresses from web pages that are cached on an infected users machine, as your e-mail address is present on all skin/plug in type pages it gets cached along with all the other components that make up the page, html, images blah blah.

When these are viewed by anyone who is infected with sircam, they will more than likely get start sending you sircam style mails, it's nothing to do with the mail list being hacked, just a combination of a clever virus and stupid end users.

Take it from me, I get 40-50 of these a day sent to a dead account that I set up.

Try changing your registered email in your user profile.

27th November 2001, 15:22
Thanks for the info. Makes sense. The main thing I hate about it is they fill up your mailbox pretty fast if you don't delete them as soon as they come. I was hit with a 2MB one today.