View Full Version : Uh, how about you guys publish my fking skin.

29th November 2001, 04:39
It's been 3 weeks now. I read the FAQ and it said that skins where published after 3 weeks of waiting. It was submited on nov 5 01. I think I have waited more than enough time for my skin to be published. People make skins, witch take a shitload of effort and work. And you guys take your sweet ass time publishing them.

Thanks for your time.

Mr Jones
29th November 2001, 06:05
Post the component ID number and I'll tell you where your masterpiece is in the review queue and when your likely to be reviewed.

Oh and it dosnt say it takes exactly 3 weeks, it says...

Skin publishing usually takes about 3 weeks, but can vary depending on database problems and reviewer availability.

29th November 2001, 12:50
Info that you need:

Name: Trev
Email: Nutforbrain@hotmail.com
User name: Evahl

That should float ur boat. :p

29th November 2001, 12:57
a·bout (-bout)
1)Approximately; nearly: The interview lasted about an hour.
2)Almost: The job is about done.
3)To a reversed position or direction: Turn about and walk away 4)slowly.
5)In no particular direction: wandering about with no place to go.
6)All around; on every side: Let's look about for help.
7)In the area or vicinity; near: spoke to a few spectators standing about.
8)In succession; one after another: Turn about is fair play.

I take it that about used in the sentance you displayed means

"Skin publishing usually takes about(Approximately; nearly) 3 weeks..."

It's been 3 weeks 3 days. I don't think that fits the bold about noted above. :|

Mr Jones
29th November 2001, 13:08
Post the component ID number

What are you expecting me to do with your user details?

29th November 2001, 21:07

I sopose that is it, i couldn't find it before, but i noticed when mouse overing the 'edit' link i found that there was a 'link' in the bottom left hand corner
that said http://www.winamp.com/skins/submit/edit_component.jhtml?componentId=84444

If that isn't what you're looking for, then i don't know what is. :p

Mr Jones
29th November 2001, 21:28
Component id 84444 submitted 4th November 2001 9:12pm

First skin in the review queue dated 16th of october, reviews running slightly behind due to database problems, probs about another week or so untill it gets reviewed, providing the database remains stable.

7th January 2002, 07:24
Could you tell me where mine is in the queue? I'm not sure when I submitted it, but I'm sure it was at least a month ago, possibly more than 2 months ago. I would love to know how close it is to being reviewed.

Component ID number: 87319

Bilbo Baggins
7th January 2002, 15:32
I wonder if some sort of system could be added to a future version of teh webstie where people can check where there skins are in the reviewing database.

8th January 2002, 07:27
funny, that thought had just popped into my mind... :D